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Every year I never get a Valentines date.?

All my friends have dates and the guy I like is mormon and cant date until he’s 16. I’m not sure if he likes me or not either. My effing stupid “boyfriend” broke up with me for no reason a month before valentines day. i’ve always hated valentines day. But i thought this year would be different. But no. No difference i hate it even more now. all i want is this one guy but i dont know. I dont wanna be in another relationship that isnt with him. GOSH!

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4 Responses to “Every year I never get a Valentines date.?”

  1. stfuitsallyroo.fosho said :

    Ok if the guy your trying to date cant date till he is 16 you must be young too. so maybe your not ready to date either. sorry but its probably the truth.

  2. Smile said :

    almost the same as me

  3. gabs said :

    You might be gay.

  4. afather said :

    Didn’t you go down to the Mile of Men?


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