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Are you supposed to keep your veil on during the wedding reception?

i am planning to use a cathedral veil for the ceremony and for the reception, a shorter veil. do you really need to wear it, im kind of concerned because then you wont be able to appreciate the hairstyle… what do you think? thanks

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14 Responses to “Are you supposed to keep your veil on during the wedding reception?”

  1. Josh's Muffin said :

    Typically people wear the shorter one, but if you don’t want to then don’t! I didn’t!

  2. rosebunnie said :

    you can if you wont but you dont have to its up to you. most people just wear one for the ceremony then take it off for the reception.

  3. Rachel said :

    You don’t have to wear it the entire reception, you can either remove it or plan on having a 2nd shorter one.

    Mine was long and I wore it the whole night because I thought it was beautiful.

  4. PugMom said :

    You are not “supposed” to do anything, it depends on what you think will be most comfortable. Some people leave it on the entire time, others remove it and some have a small little “tuft” of a veil under the veil and pull off the longer one to leave the small tuft at the back of the head. It’s totally what you want to do.

  5. TotalRecipeHound said :

    I would say the majority of brides remove their veil entirely when they get to the reception. In fact, I can’t remember a reception where the bride wore her veil at the reception although, they may continue to wear a headpiece.

  6. Pegah B said :

    It’s all about preference. If you have a really long veil you might want to take it off and have a shorter one. But I left mine on until I was done with all my “major event” like the cake, bouquet toss, toasts, garter, etc. so that in my pictures I still looked like a bride. After all that I took it off and got to dancing. So, it’s about whether or not you want them in your pics!

  7. truefirstedition said :

    Some people keep theirs on for the reception, some take them off. There’s no rule – do whatever is going to be comfortable for you. If you don’t want to wear a veil at the reception, you definitely do not have to!

  8. Ricky J. said :

    The veil is only required up to where the preacher says you may kiss the bride. That’s when it’s lifted to symbolize your new identity as Mrs. So-n-so. After that you really shouldn’t even wear one but I say at least wear the tiara through the reception.

  9. Jessica said :

    At all the weddings I have been to the bride usually removes the veil at the beginning of the reception or shortly after, they just get in the way and can’t really be bustled like a dress!!

  10. rogue_merlin said :

    No, you are not required to wear your veil at your reception. However, my family has a wonderful tradition that has been handed down for generations.

    The bride wears her veil through the entire night. Or if she doesn’t want to wear it the whole night, she puts in back on near the end of the evening. When the bride and groom are ready to make their “get away”, the bride sits on the groom’s lap. The mother of the bride removes the veil and wraps it around the shoulders of the the bride and groom. The groom then carries the bride out to their get away car with everyone following and then everyone waves good-bye to the newly married couple.

    I think there is some significance of the whole “ritual” but I don’t remember. It really is a beautiful ending to a wonderful day!

  11. Christine said :

    Well, speaking from a Christian perspective, you’re not supposed to wear a veil past when you arrive at the altar. There’s a Bible story where someone married the wrong sister because he couldn’t see what she looked like, so the church is a little opposed to wearing anything that covers you up.

  12. shihtzulover123 said :

    Your choice, but personally I wouldn’t wear one. Especially the cathedral length.The cake cutting pics are about the only thing you might want it on for but even they don’t look bad without it. You will have many with it on from the church photos.

  13. mozabrat said :

    I plan on wearing mine. But it is an elbow length veil and it will be attached to the bottom of my hair in the back. It is not the kind that will be covering my face at any time.

  14. Lydia said :

    Most brides do. I had a fingertip veil, two tier, which I wore back – and kept on the whole time.


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