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How do you keep toddlers from putting things in their mouths?

My 12 month old is putting everything in her mouth and it is very frusterating to constantly pick things up from the floor that she might swallow. It makes it worse that I have a five year old and she allways leaves her mess around.

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7 Responses to “How do you keep toddlers from putting things in their mouths?”

  1. tony said:

    use a mouth thing, the thing you put in babies mout

    or duct tape

  2. Sprouts Mom said:

    This is what is called PARENTING. You MUST watch the baby at ALL times!! It’s also a good way to teach your 5 year old responsibility for picking up her things. She (I hope) wouldn’t want your little one to choke to death. This is VERY common. She’ll grow out of it…
    Good Luck!!

  3. Mightymo said:

    You can’t stop a toddler, what you need to do is teach your 5 year old one not to leave small toys around. Explain to her that it is very dangerous for the baby and tell her about hospital etc.
    Make her feel important and praise her for her help.

  4. garfield33hairball said:

    its called a pasifier or how ever you spell it

  5. Diane said:

    There is really no way to stop a child at that age from putting things in thier mouth… Help your older child do activities on the table a higher surface less accessible to the younger child…

    Part of being a parent is constantly picking things up and eliminating hazards… It is your responisbility…

    While you want the older child to be able to do the activities that are appropriate to her level having her do them on the table so the younger child doesn’t have access will help… Don’t stifle the older child because you don’t want to pick up give her an appropriate place to do her small piece activities while monitoring the pick up have the older child help.. With a bit of creative management you can create an enviroment with fewer messes to clean less chance the younger child will swallow something while still allowing the older child to engage in her age appropriate play…

    No one ever said being a parent was easy, it’s frustrating and a lot of work… But it can be made easier with management, creativity, and consistancy… .

  6. Kiah said:

    Putting things in their mouths is how babies learn. You need to child proof your home. Only let your five year old play with small toys when the baby is napping….then make the five year old clean up her toys that are not appropriate for the baby to get her hands on! Good luck!

  7. mommycat said:

    You can’t stop that. Just do your best to keep a watch out for dangerous things that she might put in her mouth.


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