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What should i give with this valentines card?

I bought a valentines card for a “wife”. I have an inside joke with this girl at school that likes me who “proposed” at a McDonalds. I am wondering what to give with the card. She said she likes chocolate but i know she doesn’t like peanut butter(reeces). Just trying to gather some ideas. thanks 🙂 ALSO MAYBE SOMETHING OTHER THAN CANDY?

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4 Responses to “What should i give with this valentines card?”

  1. Susanna said:

    a wedding bouquet

  2. Sandra S said:

    you should give her a bracelet or earrings. (ones that are in a box). you could also give her something from bath and body works. girls love that..or u could give her a ring.. since she is your wife(: for the candy, you can give her hershey kisses, or m&ms. perfect valentines day candy

  3. Sally said:

    Doesn’t McDonalds have little pies or tarts or something? How about a dozen of those and a bag of hershey kisses? Wrap it all up.

  4. Laura Cowler said:

    maybe a fair ivy surprise package subscription? If she loves getting mail and surprises, anyway–which I know most girls do 😉

    I get these from my boyfriend and really enjoy them. Its also awesome cause she’ll get a new surprise package every month so it feels like you’re constantly buying her new sweet things 🙂

    you can print a surprise gift notice to actually give her on Vday–the anticipation will be so fun for her!


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