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Should i give her a valentine’s day card?

there is this girl from my school who has been given the same job as me on work experience. I really like her but i dont think she likes me. we bearly even talk but she smile’s i dont know if she smiles at me or smiles at something else. i want to give her a valentines day card but i dont know what to write… i dont want to say something that would make her think i’m falling for her… i want to say something friendly and funny.

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2 Responses to “Should i give her a valentine’s day card?”

  1. Sakura said:

    well tell her you like her. then ask if shell go out with you and hey who knows mabey she feels the same about you

  2. Prad said:

    Try hinting at her with an ecard, probably ask her out for a date. You can try to find the right card to express your feelings, just love their cards and its free too!


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