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What is a good Valentines Gift for a Girl?

ughhh im trippin over this valentines gift lol.. cuz i dont wanna give her a teddy or flowers cuz they are too common??? help?? lol

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2 Responses to “What is a good Valentines Gift for a Girl?”

  1. molly123 said:

    Try and personalize it as much as possible. Im not sure what she likes but maybe make a day out of it. For instance Im from San Francisco so on special occasions my bf and i have gone to the aquarium or pier 39, or a museum. There is always jewelry but that is common too. Sorry I wasnt much help, good luck!

  2. Dina said:

    Tiffany&Co Jewelry. Nothing gets to the heart of the matter like a gift from Tiffany. A gift from Tiffany is the perfect way to say “Be Mine”. You can Save up to 40% Off for Valentine’s Day gifts Shopping now.


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