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valentines gift for a boyfriend of 6 months?

i need ideas. and we’re 16, so nothing dirty. and i need ideas for a 6 month aniversary gift too.

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3 Responses to “valentines gift for a boyfriend of 6 months?”

  1. Chey said:

    a video game that he wants, a sterling chain necklace, a manly ring, a sterling chain bracelet possibly with an engraving, a watch, a movie, a sweatshirt or tee shirt, body jewelry if he has piercings, cute boxers or pajama pants, sneakers, decorate a photo frame with a special picture of both of you together, money or a gift card if you cant think of anything else, a cd, a poster, take him to the movies or out to eat, or just ask him what he wants

  2. Apple said:

    Too expensive is not suitable. A special gift is the Valentine card with a Cute Poem ( you write it with your own words).

    You can read as below:

  3. Pennie Yee said:

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