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Would it be wrong of me just to disappear for a couple of day and not tell my wife where i am going?

I have been struggling recently depressed and just having panic attacks not sure why but i just don’t want to deal with and i just honestly don’t want to deal with my wife and family and everything and just feel like disappearing for a few days so i can get my head on straight but at the same time it feels wrong! I just don’t know what else to do to be honest i don’t know why i am depressed or having panic attacks! What should i do? Advice?

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18 Responses to “Would it be wrong of me just to disappear for a couple of day and not tell my wife where i am going?”

  1. Linda Smith said :

    at least tell her ur going away for a few days otherwise she will really worry about you

  2. I'm a Beast said :

    never good to disappear – u will worry ur loved ones and then they’ll call me to enter you into the missing persons database – I hate doing that much paper work

    so work out ur probs with the woman that swore to live her life with u

  3. MamaLuna said :

    How would you feel if your wife did that to YOU?! Get help but don’t shut your wife and family out!

  4. Bentley said :

    BE honest with your wife and family. Go to the Doctor and be honest. Running away and not asking for help is not going to help you. If WILL make your relationships with others worse.

  5. Truth Beyond Measure said :


    Seek counselling…

  6. Katlady said :

    Well, everyone wants to run from their problems, you can’t ditch your family. I’d see a therapist, maybe, and practice meditation.

  7. Tim said :

    Come on. Are you just trying to spread the wealth or what? If you just up and disappear you will give her a panic attack followed by fear, worry and depression. All of which will quickly be followed by a heaping helping of rage once you decide your “head is on straight” and return.

    Find another way. Your wife will understand, she will want to be there for you and help you. She loves you – don’t put her through that.

  8. ladybug said :

    You know what running away from your troubles is not always the answer,sometimes it’s best to face them straight on.
    But if you do go away for a few days do tell them,b/c they will be worried sick!

    Good Luck and take Care!

  9. Penny Dee said :

    Write a note, using those exact words to tell your wife how you feel, don’t just disappear, it would worry her & all the family sick. Also, have a talk to a Doctor then go ! Enjoy walks along a beach or something you like. Good luck .

  10. Tia said :

    You need help from a doctor for the depression and panic attacks. Both feel pretty damn bad. How would you feel if you disappearing made you wife depressed and panicky? You need to tell her what’s going on so she can support you through it. Don’t run away, this will make things much worse. Be honest, and get help.

  11. anonomous said :

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  12. Rain said :

    i am sure they see that you are depressed. just leave, take some time for yourself, make sure to call or text first day and just tell them that you are safe and need some time for yourself. there are times in life when we have to deattach ourselves from others, and that is fair, our life is about us. 🙂 good luck

  13. Annie said :

    If you think about it, wouldn’t you be totally worried if your wife was missing for several days, or your Mom, Dad, or child. I know when you are depressed, you don’t think you are worth much, therefore you do not think others see you as being worthwhile either. But you are loved, cared about, missed, and worth a whole lot, probably to many people. If you have not seen a doctor, that is the first step. It is a hard one, but it is worth it. You do not have to go to a psychologist anymore, just your regulart doctor. Talk with your wife also, she can be a great support.

  14. Just said :

    If you’re suffering from depression and panic attacks, you’re going to want to eventually get professional help for these issues. There are times that women go away for weekends with their female friends, so there should be nothing wrong with you getting away for a little bit just to clear your head. Explain to your wife and children that it’s not about being away from them, it’s about being alone with your thoughts. Assure them that it does not mean that you want to leave forever, it’s just about getting yourself some alone time.

  15. Savannah said :

    Yes it would be! I’m sorry you are struggling…I have been there. I would assume the panic attacks are brought on by the depression and the depression because you have been struggling. I think if you go away without telling anyone especially your wife, you would make an already stressful situation even worse for all involved. I think you should come out and talk to your wife about everything and if you need some time to think hopefully she will love you enough to allow it. I had to just let everything out one day and I ended up living with my parents for 3 months….but he was patient and loving through it all and i am back with him now. It will not be easy….you must have faith in yourself.

  16. ladybug said :

    Talk to your wife first, she will be worried sick if you just vanish and angry if you return which is not going to help. Tell her you are suffering with depression you feel crowded and just need a few days to yourself and leave her a contact number. After that seek some counselling.

  17. Grandma's Wisdom said :

    how far do you think you can run away from yourself… stand up with your family.. they need you

  18. Liz said :

    OK, so making your wife worry about you for days on end and making her think you’ve been in a car accident or mugged or murdered is going to ease your panic attacks? Make an appointment with your GP and ask for a referral to a psychologist.


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