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What medications or natural remedies are there for colic?

We have tried many of the “manuvers” to help with colic like putting her on her tummy, and walking. She is breast fed so formula isn’t the issue. We have addressed my diet and hydration.

I have seen a few posts here for different medication but what else is out there and how well does it work?

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4 Responses to “What medications or natural remedies are there for colic?”

  1. GrowingMama said:

    Liquid acidophilus, bought from a local health food store, given 1 tsp 3-4 times a day just after a feeding did wonders for my daughter. She was like new in about 3 days. I’ve also heard of GripeWater, but haven’t tried it. It’s a mixture of relaxing herbs and essential oils. It also can be found in hf stores.

  2. midnitrondavu said:

    I feel for you! My baby cried from 6-11 pm every single night and there was absolutely nothing I could do for her, even the doctor said so. I just sat there and held her. She cried for hours in my arms for the first 3 months of her life. Buy ear plugs and hold your baby alot. If you can’t help her with the colic, just hold her and let her know you are there for comfort. You can do soothing things like rocking, but that really didnt help in my situation.

  3. alwayz_uncontent said:

    My daughter is a month old and is also colic. My doctor recommended an over the counter remedy called Oval drops . Also my grandmother who is 82 swears by Gripe water . It is also an over the counter remedy. My experience is the Gripe water works much better. Not a cure mind you , but a little help . I know what you are going through , and I wish you all the luck with your little one. A little tip …. sleep when baby does lol .

  4. ainslie g said:

    try grape water and rubbing her tummy when she’s high on your shoulder and if that does not help ask the pharmacy about a orange fav medicine that is great for colic but sorry I can not remember who makes it but they will know. plus try a message with lavender creams or oils a good one with a great smell


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