What is the best product to use for babys dry skin on face from drooling?

My newborn sucks his thumb and drools and his little cheeks get dry and really red, whats the best product to use to solve this problem?

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12 Responses to “What is the best product to use for babys dry skin on face from drooling?”

  1. crystalbarber4 said:

    My daughter just slobbered alot we bought aveeno and it work wonders for her.

  2. Ah Kbee said:

    My son had a similar rash from spitting up on his chest. The pediatrician told us to use diaper rash cream, but it was too visible, so I used Gentle Naturals Eczema Cream, which is a great, natural moisturizer. Since it’s on your baby’s face, I wouldn’t use baby powder (can irritate his airways). Try to keep it as dry as possible. You can also use baby oil, or even olive oil.

  3. **~MN Mommy~** said:

    I would go to the pharmacy and see if they have anything they recommend for faces. Something hypo-allergenic and something that will not harm him if he touches it and then puts his fingers in his mouth.

  4. addisonsmommy said:

    Vaseline works wonders on those chapped cheeks. I used it on both of my kids for many things including red cheeks. It will create a barrier to prevent further irritation while soothing the skin.

  5. Ethel said:

    Vaseline, Eucerin or Aquaphor are equally good. Many parents prefer Aquaphor, but I find its cost doesn’t reflect any extra benefit for eczema/irritation. Just be careful he doesn’t get an infection on his skin, and at his next check up ask about his cheeks.

  6. tHeTrUtHhUrTs!!! said:

    Go with the best that there is…He is a new born so his skin will heal fast. Johnson & Johnson…My daughter is almost 2 and I still use Johnson & Johnson products…Best way to go. How many months is he by the way?

  7. malwilhist said:

    A&D, Aquaphor, or Lansinoh. The last one will work great if you’re worried about him eating it. It’s usually put on mothers’ breasts if breast feeding if they have cracks or dry skin.

  8. Courtney said:

    Eucerin works wonders! I highly recommend it!

  9. believer said:


  10. briarwood said:

    As drool is the problem you want something that feels ‘waterproof’ rather than just a normal cream. There are various dry skin treatments that have a thick vaseline like consistency which would work as they would treat the dryness as well as protecting form the drool. You can also mix them with water to use them in the bath, etc for particularly dry skin – ask your health visitor.

  11. colee97 said:

    I suggest Aveno it works wonders. I use it myself for my dry skin.

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