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What cycle day &/or days past ovulation are you on?

What cycle day &/or days past ovulation are you on and what are some of your symptoms? I’m on cycle day 11 today after clomid 50mg cd 5-9. I’m just a lil tired today, but I found that I was a lil emotional yesterday.

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11 Responses to “What cycle day &/or days past ovulation are you on?”

  1. Mommy2B08 said:

    I’m 8 DPO. 1,2,3,5 dpo I was experiencing some cramping. Today my bbs hurt. I’m anxious to test but waiting untl Tues. We used pre-seed this month so we’re hoping it works.
    On the other hand, I’ve been having backaches, headaches and feeling queasy, but nothing terrible!

  2. Ellen Kate due March 5th said:

    I am on day 142 of my first pregnancy and am experiencing placenta abruption. Good luck!

  3. Jessica D said:

    cycle day 9 almost ready for baby makin=) wish me luk

  4. debadozer said:

    I’m on CD26, (out of a possible 32), 8 DPO.

    I’ve got super sore nipples, I’m bloated and just generally blah. I’ve been crampy on and off since the O day. I had a M/C at the end of July and my bf says everything I’m showing/telling him seems similar to then.

    Here’s to hoping.

  5. Praying for a 2009 baby! said:

    I am CD18 and 3DPO. This was my 3rd round of Clomid. I am on 100mgs. The first 2 months I was on 50mg. I have had no symptoms just some bloating, but I think thats from the Clomid. I go in for a progesterone check at 7DPO. We have been TTC for 14 months and aching for that BFP!

  6. Lucky Lady said:

    I’m on CD 3. I finally got AF after being over 2 weeks late. My fertility monitor has always been 100% accurate for me, and I O’d on CD 12 last cycle. I have a 12 day LP, and then AF never showed. I thought, well I must be pregnant. Well then kept getting BFN’s. I was hoping to be one of the odd ones that took a while to get a BFP. I was so frustrated. I was starting to think I possibly had a corpus luteum cyst because I was showing all the signs. I had frequent urination, pretty bad pains in my left ovary, and cramping. After a few days I gave up hope of being pregnant. I’m not sure if I had/have a cyst but I sure am glad AF came so I can get on with my life! So now were entering our 9th month of trying. I’m going to go to the Dr just to make sure if it was a cyst that it did burst. I hate how our bodies play so many mean tricks on us, and it seems more so when TTC! This was the longest, most irritating cycle of my life! So I don’t have any symptoms to share, besides cramps lol. Just letting you know I’m praying that this is your lucky month, and I’m sending you all the baby dust in the world!!! Take care 🙂

  7. james' mommy..ttc#2 said:

    hi!~im on cycle day18 and 5DPO!! i test the 6th or 7th of Nov… far i have had a pin pricking pain(ovulation)………. sore boobs, tired,dizzieness,crying for no-reason!!, and NAUSEA!!! ….and lots of cramps these past 2 days!

  8. Bella said:

    I am starting all over again this month. On day 2 of cycle. Still have 2 weeks for BD and another 2ww, so really it is a 4ww for me. Will know by Thanksgiving weekend if this is my month. Baby dust.

  9. bee-jeweled said:

    i’m on CD8 of my 25-26 day cycle. felt like i had O twinges last night and today but seems a bit early … luckily my DH and i have already BD’d on CD5 and CD7 so if i am O’ing already i might still have a chance!

    good luck to you!!

  10. Just married !! TTC #1 said:

    I am officially 12 dpo. I have PMS like cramps, lower back pain, heartburn, sore breasts, food aversions, etc.

    . . . and hopefully pregnant!

    Good luck to you!!!

  11. HONEYB1 said:

    I took my trigger shot tonight so I should be ovulating this weekend!!! I just know this is going to be our month. Best wishes to those ttc!!!


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