What are some strategies to help enhance this baby’s development?

I am currently providing services to a baby who is almost two years old. He doesn’t have language or speech yet and he has a very short attention span (easily distracted). He doesn’t really stay with one toy or item too long, opting to move around instead. The baby is not usually responsive either. His parents are worried and I would like to do my best to help them. What are some good strategies or suggestions?

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2 Responses to “What are some strategies to help enhance this baby’s development?”

  1. iris said:

    it sounds like he may be autistic. i hope not but you can try food, and this will sound bad but kind of like training a puppy witch also has short attention span. use his favorite snack to get him to look at you start of for a couple seconds then keep it for longer befor you giv it to him. but just remember that alot of two year olds have very short attention spans.

  2. Sprog Blogs said:

    Thanks IRIS.. Good suggestion to develop a two year baby’ attention power.


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