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What are some gifts I could get for my best friends 18th birthday?

She is really short, I always make fun of her for that. We are on the same swim teams and she also plays soccer. She isn’t too girly for the most part, but she likes jewelry and wears some make-up. I want to surprise her with lots of different little gifts throughout the day, and I really want to surprise her with something before our swim practice tomorrow. Any ideas?

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6 Responses to “What are some gifts I could get for my best friends 18th birthday?”

  1. Christine C said :

    a toiletry bag, that can unzip and hang while you are in a shower….thats good and handy for travelling, gym or when u go swimming

  2. Brian said :

    I would get her a print onto canvas of the two of you from a favorite photo in Avatar style!!!

  3. lvcollections said :
  4. Ricky said :

    You could make a photo book with photos. It would make a great gift and It will take a bit of time to put together but will come out really nice. If you go to and use coupon code P20SBV you can save 20%

  5. Natures Note said :

    This Essential Oil Perfume Kit is a great gift for a birthday. This kit comes with 12 essential oils to select from. It also comes with a perfume bottle and everything else you need to make you own perfume.
    It retails for $30.00.

  6. Winford Claunch said :

    Amazing writing. We’ve bookmarked this without a doubt.


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