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To everyone: especially gays! Me little son likes pink, tries on my shoes and adores jewerly. Any connection?

Does it mean he’s just exploring the world, or could this have anything to do with his future sexuality? I have no problems with homosexuality, but I don’t have gay friends and he never met or seen anyone acting like this in every day life (except for TV of course). Is that a reason to start thinking?
He’s only 4, he does play normal boy games and is in every way a normal child. But his fascination with female clothing, girl colors, curls, etc seems strange to me. I’m a single parent, but even I am not that much into female stuff as he is. Maybe it’s the sign of a future Kosanova?:) Either way, rest assured I’ll love him no matter what> thanks

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9 Responses to “To everyone: especially gays! Me little son likes pink, tries on my shoes and adores jewerly. Any connection?”

  1. bloomin_popsicle said:

    I don’t consider his behavior to be any indication as to what his sexual orientation may or may not be. I didn’t truly know what my sexual orientation was until I was 12–although I knew when I was 8 that I was “different” from the other children–but I didn’t know what that “different” was! WHOEVER your child may be, I encourage you to embrace and love him for what he is–your son!

  2. codrock said:

    Zero. He just has a natural curiosity. Pink has a natural appeal which is indepedent of sex or sexuality. most men have simply been conditioned into believing that pink is a “gay” colour.

    Just be thankful that he isn’t into guns and violence.

  3. sk8ing_kezza said:

    Is he little or big?
    Just because he dus al that stuf dusnt mean nuthing! a guy in my class is as straight as a ruler but he wers pink and jewelry!

  4. TECHX69 said:

    Nope, he’s just exploring the world. A color is just a color and liking jewelery should be no cause for worry.He sounds like a typical well adjusted kid. have fun with him now cause his teen yrs are coming(lol)

  5. Knitmama said:

    No connection. Little kids like sparkly things. Especially if he’s spending most of his time with you, he’s just trying to be like Mom. Which is normal even for boys. If he has older girl cousins or a sister, he’s probably copying them, too. I know lots of little boys who have gone through this phase. Just let it be!

  6. heather said:

    it does not mean that he will be gay it just means that he is facinated by things that he sees that he is not allowed to wear it is normal i used to find my brother wearing my clothes and putting on makeup and he is married with a child on the way and he is definately not gay your son is just exploring the world you should allow him to do so

  7. chrystal_lynn2002 said:

    I read a book called Bringing up boys By Dr James Dobson, a well known child pshycologist. From what that book says, little boys start to figure there gender out at this age, they look bewteen mom and dad to see who they are more like, Basicly i think its pretty clear that the reason why your son is into what hes into is because he sees mommy go for the cute things the “prettys”, Not that im saying single moms cant make it work, im just saying that if i were in your position i would try to incourage him to play with boy toys so he can associate in his mind that hes a boy and mommys a girl, see if you can get him into cub scouts, regardless on how you want to look at it, I think it wouldnt be a bad idea for him to have a guy in his life he can look up to as a dad, I would HIGHLY suggest you look up that book im talking about and read it. There are a lot of insightful things in that book about how to bring up a well rounded mini-man 😛 Theres no way i can break that whole book down into a paragraph lol but its VERY insightful, not just for you but for anyone that is a mother, teacher, father, daycare provider or that deals with boys in general. It lets you get inside their head and help them be the best them possible. Im not aginst gay people eather, everyone has there thing, i know alot of gay guys and its harder then what you think to be gay. Theres alot of discrimination that comes along with it, and i personally wouldnt want my child to go threw that kind of pressure and rejection, there is a possiblity he could grow out of this but theres also a possiblity that it could blossom into something else, If i were you i wouldnt make a huge deal out of it,He might pick up on your negitivity and take it to heart and think somethings really wrong with him. but i would definitally get him around other boys alot more offten, so he can start to associate more with the same gender *HUGS* I know from personal experiance a single mom is the HARDEST thing in the world

  8. charmed_is_me0618 said:

    he might be gay won’t know till later

  9. moveplease said:

    My son is 11 now and he had his toenails painted until he was 5. He just hangs around mom and she enjoys those things, so why shouldn’t he? Just enjoy him as he is. He will probably outgrow these things as soon as he finds a hobby.


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