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after 9 dates, a lovely valentines date & lots of great sex, met his friends, shouldnt he know if he likes me?

Ive told him how i feel but he hasnt given me any confirmation back, he hasnt taken his yahoo personals down yet either, though he hardly checks it, he hasnt talked about exclusivity or his exes or our future. We have been only seeing eachother a month and he did mention things are going very fast, so maybe he just needs time and I shouldnt worry. I dont want to push but when do men know when they really like a girl and can they be put off easily by a girl knowing before they do. I guess im freaking out because the guys ive seen in the past always call me all the time, want to stay over all the time and i know where i stand right from the start, this guy is very affectionate and sweet to me and we have great laughs and chats but we only see eachother once a week or so and he never calls unless to arrange meetings. How long does it take?

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4 Responses to “after 9 dates, a lovely valentines date & lots of great sex, met his friends, shouldnt he know if he likes me?”

  1. mharris90 said:

    Havent you figured it out by now? HES AFTER THE SEX!!

  2. Just My Opinion said:

    Give him time and back off a little. If things are going to fast, he may be afraid to tell you how he feels. Gusy are like that. About the yahoo personals, now pay attention here, this is important: a guy will always have him privacy. He may very well keep his yahoo personal on, not change a thing. Why? because he can. So long as you know that he’s not sexually chatting it up with some girl or meeting up with people, then you’re fine. Remember, he had a life before he met you.

  3. LilSenorita said:

    I understand. If he doesn’t call that often unless, to hook up, then he really isn’t that interested. If he doesn’t call that often and you don’t see him on a more regular basis then he doesn’t think about you enough. He doesn’t desreve you and you deserve better. Move on.

  4. mitval said:

    back off a bit…dont try to pressure him…wats best for u to do is to go out more w/ ur friends and meet other pipol or get busy so u wont have to think bout him all the tym…and better NOT let him feel or know that ur TOO available for him…that way he’ll be more challenged and myt be forced to say how he feels or where u rily stand in the so called relationship


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