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Period 2 days late, took a test and got a negative. Is it still too early?

Is it possible I am pregnant but the test couldn’t read it because it was too early to take one? Also, I didn’t take it in the morning.

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6 Responses to “Period 2 days late, took a test and got a negative. Is it still too early?”

  1. Jessica R said:

    Not too early, unless you ovulated later than you thought. Take another in the morning to make sure since the hormone levels will be higher, but it sounds like you might not be.

    I hope you get the answer you want! 🙂

  2. Debbie V said:

    Every other day, take a test in the morning until you get a positive reading or your period shows up.

    TX Mom

  3. JMC said:

    It could very well be possible that the pregnancy test you used just couldn’t detect any pregnancy hormones. Try Clear Blue or First Response if you haven’t yet.

    Good luck =]

  4. 10+5 wks to go! It's A Girl! said:

    its not to early to test take another one and do it first thing in the morning if still neg then go get a blood test

  5. yankeechick4life said:

    Yes, heres why
    1. Sometimes the test itself is not accurate
    2. Sometimes the HCG pregnancy hormone wont show up in the urine that early.
    3. In early pregnancy it’s best to take the test first thing in the am because the levels of HCG will be low.
    -So re test in 2-3 days if no period first thing in the morning.
    FYI- I dident have a postive pregnancy test until after I missed my period for 6 days!! I tested 3 days after I missed and it was negative. Than when My boobs seemed to get sore almost overnight I rechecled in 3 days and it was positive! GOOD LUCK!

  6. Melanie R said:

    Go for the blood much more reliable.


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