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my son is 5 and he loves to say opposites like?

he calls daddy mommy and mommy daddy he likes to call an apple an orange and vise versa we know he’s playing but is this cause to worry he is very smart so is this just his little game?

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11 Responses to “my son is 5 and he loves to say opposites like?”

  1. mammasan28 said:

    no, when my boy was 5 he did the same thing! thats funny! i think mabey we forgot that opposites could actually be fun.

  2. SnowChanceInHell said:

    is he autistic?

  3. meggsiiee_ox said:

    ask your doctor

  4. mamao3kings said:

    As long as you know that he knows the difference, I would say there is no cause for worry. Kids, especially at that age, love to do or say anything that will bring them attention. Perhaps it is nothing more than just trying to make you react. I personally wouldn’t worry abouth this. I am sure it will pass:) God bless!

  5. jammer said:

    Funny cause my lil girl is 5 and she does the same thing….like no means yes and I didn’t means I did…she is always saying “mommy, it the opposite game”….think its just a phase!

  6. yvonnemiko said:

    oh yeah, he’s playing around. He’s actually exercising his brain when he does that because he knows the real name of whatever he’s looking at and thinks of something else to call it (just a game) makes him think harder…… My little brother, my two nieces, and my nephew all played that same game…. and they’re all older now and extremely intelligent….. I’m sure my son will do the same thing when he gets to that age.

  7. skinykk said:

    He is perfectly noraml. He likes it when you pay attention to him. I sometimes play with my 5 yr old daughter the opposite game and she loves it.

  8. MARILYN said:

    he is VERY smart to know what the opposite of those things are so no worries

  9. elaeblue said:

    No its no cause to worry – in fact probably means he is very bright!!

  10. Dj F said:

    Both! =) He’s not only smart but he has discovered something new and fun. =) Play the game with him, it’ll be even more fun for him and a great way to bond with him! =)

  11. kc said:

    it’s normal cos my cousin used 2 do that !!

    hope i helped


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