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joining the coast guard with a girlfriend back home?

What i would like to know is if i join the coast guard after i get out of basic and my “A” school could i ask my girlfriend to marry me and then have her move in with me? how does that kind of situation work?

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6 Responses to “joining the coast guard with a girlfriend back home?”

  1. BillPay Service?? said:

    Do not do it unless you have a child with her at the present time. Otherwise there are a couple of real questions you need to be asking yourself.
    1..Do you plan to do one term or do you plan to retire?
    2. Is this your high school girlfriend?
    3. Will she be mature enough to handle you gone for a minimum of 6 months out of the year on deployments?

    If you plan on doing just one term then I strongly suggest that you stay unmarried (there is nothing wrong with dating) and save your money.
    If she is your high school girlfriend I suggest that you definitely wait to get married (there is nothing wrong with dating). As you will see there are going to be countless women at your beck and call when you join. TRUST ME!!!!

    It is a real chance that you will be deployed for the better half of your enlistment, whether that be training or overseas. This is where most marriages fail because the spouse is not in the military, YOU ARE. More times than not the spouse will not understand the demands you will be under, thus creating unnecessary stress. Most military marriages end increasingly in divorce do to infidelity. This is also linked to the high demand and deployment rate.

    If you feel that this information is inaccurate then please ask any military member who has ever been deployed for an extended amount of time. If this was not his/her story then I promise you they knew at least 10 people like this.

    All in all I say do not get married just yet. You will thank me next year around this time.

  2. dankohner1 said:

    You have to be married to have her move in with you. Most likely you will be stationed on a cutter after basic and therefor be living on it. Once you are married and providing there is base housing she can move in with you. If there is no base housing you will have to live off the economy. Until that time forget it.

  3. spiraljockey said:

    I agree… and that guy that said you will be deployed all the time overseas is wrong. The Coast Guard works on U.S. coastal areas.

  4. Malruhn said:

    Dank has the best answer for this one.

    Spiraljockey will find it hard to believe that we have Coast Guard assets in the Persian Gulf right now – from Bahrain to Qatar to Kuwait and Iraq. We also have Coast Guard personnel in Pakistan and even on Baghram Airbase in Afghanistan. Not too long ago, I spent nearly a year in Kuwait and Iraq… and every day I looked down to see that I wore a Coast Guard uniform.

    These are outside of the Guardians that are in Europe, the Caribbean, Alaska, Guam, and the far East.

    I would ask that he please does some research before he looks like a butt again.

  5. Bill B said:

    Malruhn, funny stuff. I couldn’t agree more. Why do people who aren’t in the CG even troll through our questions. I don’t look at Army questions.

    Bryant – I have to agree with the Billpay guy. If your girlfriend is young an immature (if she’s under 25 years old, she is) she will not behave while you are gone. Hell, lot’s of the older wives didn’t behave while their husbands were gone. A girl who gets married young will feel like she made a mistake around 21 or 22 years old when she sees all the single girls out at the clubs meeting and dating lots of different guys. It’s inevitable, human nature. No girl who got married at 18 19 or 20 is going to going to be 30 some day and say, ” wow, I’m glad I gave up my young dating years and have only slept with 1 guy for the past 10 years”. She may say she’ s glad, but she’s lying. Now, couple this attitude with the fact that you’ll be away for months at a time. Too much temptation for her. The cute guy who lives in the Apt next door will start to flirt with her, she’ll see a chance to recapture her single days, and next thing you know, she ‘s cheating. Be wary of any girl who’s “ready for marriage” before she’s 25 or 26. Every ship I was on had multiple divorces because the wives had boyfriends on the side while we were out to sea. If you’re young, you’ll want to have fun too. You’re going to meet a million girls after you join. You’re only young once my friend.

  6. charles scott said:

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