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If I apply for medi-cal in Southern California and I want to see a doctor in Northern California is it ok?

This should be okay right? Information please, and no smart asses.

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5 Responses to “If I apply for medi-cal in Southern California and I want to see a doctor in Northern California is it ok?”

  1. Preggie With my # 2 BuggaBoo said:

    should be, although different states have different laws. i’m not sure how far away so cal is from no cal… BUT.. if i applied in michigan for medicaid, they’d let me go to any doc i wanted to depending on where i was living (and as long as it’s in michigan). … regardless cali is cali, and it shouldn’t matter, but i’d check with your insurance co (or even the doc u wanna go to might know), just to make sure before u get bills. eek.

  2. Invisible Pink ~ RN said:

    Yep – it covers any Dr.’s statewide

  3. #2 Due 9-13-2010 said:

    When you apply for medi-cal you are either sent to a dr or you have a list of local dr’s that take the insurance to choose from. When you get on Medi-Cal you get either Molina or IEHP, IEHP is Inland Empire Health Plan so it is most likely only used here in the IE. I am sure sure where Molina is taken but I am pretty sure that you will have to stay in the county that you received Medi-Cal to see a dr with the insurance. I had Medi-Cal first pregnancy and went out of state for a week. Had an emergency and was only aloud to use my insurance in that state one time and that was it. The best advice would be to go to your local TAD office and ask the Health Specialist their what your options are. Good luck and God bless your family.

  4. Marissa C said:

    That should be fine. You should be able to see in doctor in the state of CA that accepts Medi-cal.

  5. Flower said:

    Yes, you can go anywhere in California where they take Medi-Cal, which is kind of limited to clilnics and county hospitals and some doctors. You will have a hard time finding a private doctor in Northern Cal who will take it, unless you go to a county with a lot of welfare people and high unemployment in the North Coast or the San Joaquin Valley areas where the doctors don’t have much choice of patients. If you are talking about the Bay Area, that will be more difficult. If you know the doctor in Nor Cal who will take it, you have no problem.
    Good luck.


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