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How much do teenagers get paid for babysitting on average these days?

When I was a teen, I think I got paid $2 and hour or something, but that’s been awhile ago. Does it make a difference how many kids there are? (I have two) or their ages? (3, and not quite two) I’ve always had family members or close friends who didn’t charge anything watch them before, and I don’t want to pay this teen who’s going to watch them unfairly.

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6 Responses to “How much do teenagers get paid for babysitting on average these days?”

  1. alorarhi said:

    It depends on the ares. My first babysitting job was in a very rich area and I got $10 an hour. Other parts usually pay around 4 or 5.

  2. Dibble said:

    Well first you have to think how many hours. I babysit one day a week for 8 hours and I get payed $30.00 for just one day. Most people pay between $3.00-$4.50 a hour. I hope this info. will help you out. Good Luck

  3. dnielleb said:

    To me I think that teenagers should get paid base on how well exp they are. like me I work with kids all day so thats means I WHOULD CHARGE YOU ALL DAY FROM 9-5 50DOLLARS, OVER NIGHT 85DOLLARE, 2-3 HOURS ABOUT 25DOLLARS BUT AT THE SAME TIME YOU HAVE TO NOT FORGET ABOUT THE AGE.

  4. jm said:

    I have two babysitters and I pay them differently. When my first babysitter was still in 8th grade, I paid her $4/hour. However, my other babysitter charges $5/hour, so when they were both in high school that’s what we paid. I live in Alaska, where the cost of living is very high, and about $5/hour is the going rate. Someone here listed very high charges and I think you may need to consider whether you want parents to use your services. Just like in any other economic situation, if you charge too much, the customers will go to someone else who charges less. My adult day care provider, a very competent and trustworthy woman, received $35/day for taking care of my two children. Some other professional child care providers charge $25 – $35 per day for caring for a child. As a babysitter, you can charge $5 or $6 or maybe up to $7/$8 per hour, but you need to stop and think about whether the customer can afford it at that point.

  5. PoloPlayer said:

    i usually get $5 an hour for one kid, but if there are two, pay more!!! Its harder to babysit younger children as well, especially if you have a 2 year old and a 3 year old! It takes a lot of work just to keep one small child entertained, I’m not ashamed to say that I probably wouldn’t even try to babysit two young children… because I personally don’t have the patience. I would say $10 an hour.

  6. ironhead041550 said:

    First of all find out experience of babysitter and call other people thet have babysat for. Ask the sitter how much they think they ought to get paid and negotiate from there. Having more than one child to care for should pay a little more than one child and it also depends on how many hours they sit for.


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