How important is sex in a relationship? How do I get my ex-girlfriend back I really miss her? ?

Both these questions are to all females because a female knows how a female thinks. I really need advice mostly on getting my ex-back I really miss her. hoping to get fee back from a sensitive smart female

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18 Responses to “How important is sex in a relationship? How do I get my ex-girlfriend back I really miss her? ?”

  1. Qbana said:

    very important. to both mena nd women. Maybe try and please her more.

  2. Ruby said:

    Why did you break up? Who broke up with who? And yes, it is really important in a relationship. My current thinks it’s not, but it is.

  3. ? said:

    You know what you have done to lose her. Fix that issue , prove it to her , and then have a gentle way
    of trying to let her know you still love her.
    Give her flowers’ plus a love letter.
    Do what ever you have to do. If its meant to be it will
    happen , if it doesn’t it wasn’t meant to happen.

  4. x_|*|_his.lil.angel_|*|_x said:

    to whores, obviously sex is very important; to girls that actually love their boyfriend, it’s not hugely important but obviously they’d want some love making to be involved but only if they both agree to it.
    as for your ex, you need to talk to her and tell her how you feel or you’re going to get no-where, she won’t know how you feel unless you tell her! for all you know, she could feel the same but you are both too afraid to speak up and soon you’ll both lose the chances of getting back together as one of you could find someone else so just tell her how you feel!

  5. Wise_GaL said:

    if sex is whats important to you in a relationship then you really don’t have a relationship. Now if your girl dumped you bc u made sex seem like it was the most important thing in your relationship instead of her well you have to let her know u like her for her and if u guys get back together u wont pressure her into having sex. IN FACT you wont even try unless shes the one that initiates it!

  6. Lola said:

    Sex is important in a relationship if both people are fine with it.
    What makes you miss your ex? Do you actually miss her or just the fun times you had with her? What were the reasons you guy broke up? Those are questions you have to think about before you try to get her back. They’ll help determine if you should try. If you have thought about it and you have decided that you really do want her back (even the bad qualities) then be a friend. When you get close enough to her in a friendship way (without getting too close cause that could trap you there) then you can tell her that you still have feelings for her and you’d like to date her again. Or you can skip the friend step and just talk to her, preferably in person. Again, telling her about how you feel towards her and where you’d like to see it go if she is willing.

  7. starzparis said:

    if it’s a romantic relationship (you love each other) then the physical part isn’t as important as the emotional part.

    stepping up your game in the bedroom is not going to get her back. as a matter of fact, she might think that your “needs” are the reason why you want her back.

    tell her you were wrong, ask for her forgiveness, flowers and tell her every day that you love her. the physical stuff comes after she has forgiven you.

  8. ? said:

    you didn’t state the entire situation but… if you two aren’t together there must be a reason why, if it’s something that can be resolved then try talking to her about it.

    if you can’t resolve it then try being friends, cause then you’ll still b close to her and that might help with you missing her.

    i don’t anyone should think sex is the most important part of any relationship, but it is important. sexual acts improve when you understand your partner better, so finding out how to please each other will make sex better.

  9. Victoria said:

    i honestly think sex is not that important in a relationship

    tell her how you feel

  10. ♥MuAH♥ said:

    Depends the time, and how long the relationship has been, and what type of relationship your holding. But if it’s a long relationship the sex parts shows the love and passion for each other, and pleasing each other is a happy moment for your partner and you. To get her back I say actions speak louder than words! I hate when guys talk alota shyt, and don’t act on it. Im not talking just the first 3 months, I’m sayin the whole time there in the relationship. Goodluck!

  11. VINU said:

    hey im male bt i cn advice u. if ur thinking very positive towards ur relation and r sure that u wil get married with ur crush den u cn hv sex wid ur partner if u both r agreed. it has no harm. infact it will bring more responsibity in u. u wil bcom mor responsible. u wil take ur life criously. and bonding betwn both of u wil be more strengthy.

    If u wana get back ur ex-gf den u jst confesse all d things due to which u hv broken d reltn wid her. b frank,trusty,talk 2 her,make her realize dat u r d only person in his life and tel her dat u hv d most importance in my life.

    im sure u will get back ur crush.

    best of luck

  12. Jacqueline C said:

    I need more info on this. But it really depends on what you did to lose her. If you lost her because you didn’t have sex enough, then maybe you should think about choosing another girl. But if it was just a misunderstanding, then you should be able to get her back. Try texting her and putting something special that only you and her know about. Try sending flowers, or maybe going to her job and giving them to her. Most women love it when you show your affection for them in public. Do something big, something she would not be expecting but you know she would love, something seh really wanted and couldn’t afford, or maybe something she needs to get done and couldn’t do it. Good Luck.

  13. eeestcoastgrl said:

    Its not so much that SEX is important as it is intimacy. Anyone can jump in the bed and kiss and get hot, but can you lay beside your girlfriend on the sofa and drive her crazy without barely so much as kissing her? There’s a huge difference. I find the guy who doesn’t try to screw me on the first date is the one I think of the most.

    Also, you really didn’t provide enough information to get a successful answer. If there was infidelity issues regardless of who did it, you have to figure out why that happened and address it. Gaining that trust back is so hard, sometimes it can’t be gained and you end up throwing it in each other’s face everytime an argument creeps up. When it’s the topic of all of your fights, neither of you are moving on from that hurt, you’re both just living with it.

    If it was that she fell out of love or vice-versa, then that’s not an easy change. Love is not just an emotion, it’s also a choice. I love my ex boyfriend, but he’s did so much to hurt our relationship that we most likely will not put us back together. I haven’t given up as of now because I think everyone deserves a second chance to rectify a mistake. But thats me, if you chose to do something that you knew would cause harm to your relationship, you have to live with the consequences of your girlfriends reaction, whether you like it or not doesn’t really factor in. If she made the mistake that caused the break up, can you really let it go and not bring it up during any disagreements? Can you honestly let that pain just vanish or are you living with it too?

    Letting go is hard, THAT I have first hand experience with. Sometimes we never fully let go, we just know that not being together is better for us. Who wants to fight all the time? Who wants to feel let down all the time? Who wants a man or woman he or she can’t count on?

    Seriously ask yourself, do you really want her back or do you want to just prove to yourself you can get her back?

    Good luck either way.

  14. Katie said:

    I really think you CAN get your ex back but you have to have a plan or else your going to make things worse. Know what I mean?

    I’d suggest signing up at…

    It’s free(though they do recommend some ebook which I HIGHLY recommend giving a try but you don’t have to)

    You’ll get all kinds of awesome free advice and stuff like that…

    hope it helps and good luck getting your ex back!!!

    -Katie : )

  15. ula00386 said:

    Hey, Danny!

    When did you broke up? Give her time for at least a few days (around 10 days). In this time, both of you will have time to think about what went wrong. This time apart is very important for both of you. Things will cool off, and she will start wondering, how you’re feeling about all this.

    After some time, leave her a message (or write her an email), asking her, how is she doing. Tell her, that you miss her, but that you agree with a break up. Tell her, that both of you have some things to figure out.

    You should never push her into doing something she isn’t comfortable in. Have patience and never lose hope (most relationships can be saved, but you should have some solid plan of how you’ll get her back).

    I suggest you go here, and read about tips on getting your girl back.

    Good luck!

  16. Jon D said:

    Well you didn’t give much info, like did you leave her or did she leave you. How you reacted if she did leave you, how long ago the break up was, how long you two were together, and things like that. All that kind of info you need to consider if you want to try and get her back man.

    Ill assume she left you, and that it was less then 3 months ago, and that you guys dated for 2-3 years. During this kind of time period it is still possible to win her back by breaking her patterns and expectations. What do i mean by that?

    Well when she broke up with you she felt guilt (a pattern she has when she hurts you) and she feels superior to you (a expectation that her life will be better off without you in it, since you were ‘dragging’ her down), you need to work on these two emotions of hers to open up a window for new romance.

    Basically she feels guilt for hurting you but you have to act like you are happy with the break up and relieved it happened, like a huge weight off your shoulders, and also you have to improve your life way beyond anything you achieved during the time you dated your ex, this will reduce the superiority complex shes got too.

    Why does this work then Danny? Because if you behave like she expects, ie being hurt and not improving, everything then is going ‘according to plan’ in her mind, and she isn’t going to question the breakup at all. But if you act like she doesn’t expect, then it will throw her off balance, she will question if she made the right choice, and there Danny, is your window.

    But read more, learn more, find out how to exploit these 2 things properly, then find out how to use the window you created. Plan before you act, or you won’t act very effectively.

    Good luck and if my guess was way off, then don’t blame me, you were pretty vague man.


  17. Molly Laws said:

    Sex is very important but unless you have ED it isn’t what you should be worrying about right now.

    It’s old advice but still true nonetheless, you have to start off by backing off.

    It may be hard for you, especially if she starts seeing other guys, but if you really want her back you can’t be seen as trying to get her back right now. If there is one thing that women hate it’s guys that whine and grovel. Don’t contact her at all right now and if you see her just say Hi and smile. Do not look all shattered and messed up, smile.

    Now you can start putting together a plan to get her back. There are lots of ways to go about this but the first thing you’ll need to do is some self-assessment. Remember, you can’t control what she says and does, only what you say and do. Figure out what you did wrong, in her eyes at least, that caused the break up. Once you do that you have a base to work from.

    Good Luck with this,

  18. Wendy M said:

    There are allot of factors one has to take into consideration when you thinking of getting your ex back. Sex is an important part of a relationship and can usually cause a problem if you are not in agreement with how and when and if you do it. try this link


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