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How do you and your spouse split household bills? We seem to be having problems and only a month into it!!!?

He offers no help with groceries and has $400 less in bills to pay each month than I do. All of our accounts are seperate and share no credit cards. We just married one month ago and it’s as if I’m still single only buying more groceries and paying more in gas for the drive to work?!?!?!?!?!

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24 Responses to “How do you and your spouse split household bills? We seem to be having problems and only a month into it!!!?”

  1. biancavee said:

    You are married, why not put everything together, you know money and bills…and live like a married couple, not a couple living together?

  2. MARLEY8 said:

    My husband makes more money than I do. He is in charge of our rent and I pay for everything else.

  3. Johnny said:

    If your income is equal you should split the household bill 50-50
    and setup an account to pay them out of.

    Found out the cost’s of rent, gas, lectric, water, cable and groceries.
    Contribute an equal amount each month then pay your own car, car insurance credit cards.

  4. hilerangela said:

    Everything we do is joint. When you marry you become one!
    Everything has gone great for my husband and i

  5. Daygirl said:

    If you want to keep your accounts separate – you need to sit down and do a monthly budget – split all bills down the middle that you’re both responsible for – and get a joint account for just that money. Then each of you puts that amount in there to pay the joint bills. I would include groceries in there too – that way one of you isn’t burdened with the entire grocery bill.

    Another alternative – put all of your money into one joint checking account – pay all of the bills from that account (yours and his – joint or not) and whatever is left over at the end of the paycycle then each of you gets a set amount as fun money. Transfer that amount into your personal accounts. Then you can each still have your own money to do what you please with and all bills are paid.

    Good luck – hope that helped a little!

  6. orgrat said:

    You have started off on the wrong foot. You need to pool your resources to be more effective at taking care of financial responsibility. You need to keep some cash for yourself and he does too. Otherwise, you are headed for a relationship in which money will become a major issue. I have been married to my hb for 21 years and I can honestly say that we don’t fight about money. All money goes towards us having a better life and that’s how we play it. That’s the first wall that you and your new hb need to tear down. Good luck.

  7. singleluvin1 said:

    I dont understand being married and splitting bills up like that. My husband and I just pay whatever needs paid and we don’t keep track of who paid it.

  8. Valerie X Account #16! said:

    This should have been discussed BEFORE the wedding.

    But to answer your question, in OUR home, my husband is the provider and pays all the bills.

    The monies I make are for my personal spending, and I save half of what I make for the benefit of our family.

  9. Ashley said:

    I have to be honest. I think the fact that you keep your own money is great! Sharing money with my hubby was just too complicated. He’d always be afraid that when we argued I would go to the bank and withdraw all the money (including his) and spend it at the mall. Now, we just have our own checking accounts… Aside from our savings account which we share. Saves lots of drama!

    About splitting your bills… YOU ARE MARRIED! You should pay half on his bills. He should pay half on your bills. Thats just the way marriages work. If you’re the one actually paying the bills.. you should add up how much all the bills cost together and say they equal out to $1500.. You should get $750 from your hubby and you pay the other $750. It just works so much smoother that way.

  10. Just Me said:

    Money is one of the hardest things to master in a marriage. When you are married you become one person. We have a joint bank account, deposit both of our checks to this account. And whoever finds the bill pays it when it’s due. One bank account, one monthly budget. ALSO in doing this, most things need to be discussed TOGETHER before most purchases. (Even small ones.) It has worked great for my husband and I. Everything is equal. You are not single anymore, your finances shouldn’t be either.

    And we both are in career’s and make decent money, I couldn’t even tell you who makes more.

  11. Queenie said:

    If you do not want combine your money like regular married people; I suggest opening a separate bank account in both your names for household stuff. If both of you deposit equal amounts each month this should fix all your concerns. My husband and I have been married over 19 years and we have only ever had joint bank accounts and it has worked for us. Money is not an issue that we let effect our marriage. Best of Luck I know that you can work this out.

  12. ~jaded~ said:

    You need to figure this out before it escalates.

    When we were first married I made less money and paid less bills, as time went bye we pooled monrey inot a joint account and paid bills from that and still had seperate savings accounts with our leftover funds.

  13. two_axis said:

    First of all if you both are married….Why are you splitting the bills?
    Second hun buy for yourself not him and tell him to buy his own.
    My wife and I are getting a divorce soon and that is the way we do it.
    Best of luck

  14. Dom D said:

    that is why you should have one account for bills, me and my wife, have one account, so all the bills are paid. there is no, half and half. as long as the bills are taken care of, that is all that matters.

  15. Stephen H said:

    create a third account in both your names that is only used for household expenses.

    Set up direct monthly contributions in excess of your expenses to that account from each of your accounts. Any excess money at the end of the year can be spent on a vacation or something you can enjoy together.

    If you cant come to an agreement on the amount of contributions you have a choice of leaving, accepting it, or putting a lock on the refridgerator.

  16. CLAUDETTE said:

    I know we all share different views on this one but when I was with my ex I insisted on paying the household bills down the middle. I paid for my car and its expenses out of my own income as he did with his. A few years later when he was earning more money than me he would pay for our nights out and holidays out of his income (not that I asked him to, he just did). We never had joint accounts and we never ever argued about money.

    Your spouse should be paying for 1/2 the groceries. Ask him for the money don’t wait for him to offer. The same goes for all the other household bills.

    If or when children come along then to me that’s a totally different ball game.

  17. No More said:

    My wife and I have been married 9 years and we have continued to keep separate checking, savings, and credit card accounts. We both have a full understanding of our monthly expenses and we have divided up the bills. My wife pays some and I pay the rest. No matter who earns it, the income is ours. I pay a higher percentage of the mortgage while my wife chips in for some of the payment and also sets aside funds for eventual property taxes. My wife handles car insurance and also pays most of the time if we dine out. I make the car payment and when it is gone it will be time for her to get something new, I will make that payment as well. I pay all utilities and groceries. If we ever need help from one another we are there for each other.

    In 12 years of knowing each other the only financial argument we have ever had was over my choice of banks. When we met I was with a bank that charged me a $3.50 service charge each month for checking… to make my wife happy I switched to a free-checking account. My wife is very sharp and detail oriented. She balances her books to the penny… I am much more relaxed and more of a “ballpark” accountant. We could not coexist with joint accounts. This works great for us and we discuss just about any purchase over $25.00 or so.

    You two need to talk and he needs to understand that there is no more You and no more He…in marriage two become one… you become an US. Good Luck, you have not been married long. Once you guys find a rythym then things will smooth out. If he has more money then it means you have more money.

  18. slovesd said:

    Sit down and figure out your monthly expenses. Open a joint chequing account and each of you put in your half towards monthly expenses and make sure the bills are getting paid from there. Word of caution: deal with this now, debt spells divorce every single time, and one person paying more than the other and not having a set system of payment means debt.

  19. Shevin R said:

    I would suggest a joint account to put all your main money into & let that be the one you pay your bills out of. Keep your individual accounts if you want & transfer a set amount into each of them for whatever you want to spend it on. If you want to get something that’s just for you & you need to save up then save up your money for it. My cousin & her husband do it this way she pays all the bills & he pays for all the extras like going out on dates & shopping money (clothes,shoes etc.) going on vacations. She does better spending (even though it’s paying bills) & he does better saving for big events or just going out. You guys should have gone over this in your pre marriage counseling I know we did & that was 10 years ago. I guess it doesn’t matter now but you do need to figure this out b/c fighting over money is never good & easily avoided. My hubby & I have never fought over money & we were 20 & 18 when we got married. Good Luck!

  20. Justin said:

    Me and my wife don’t split our bills, my check goes directly into her account. She gives me about 100.00 dollars a week for my expenses, the rest she pays the bills or saves. It saves us a lot of trouble, I trust her to take care of all the bills and finances and she trust me not spend more than I need to or question what she does with money. It’s been working for 7 years now, we have never had a problem.

  21. flyingdane said:

    my wife and I we take $200. off each paycheck and they rest goes in to the joint-account and from there we pay all bills we have and the 200 we have are free too use no question ask remember you are 1 household and u husband have too stop acting as you are still dating so sit down and find out what will work for you but remember to give you self pocket money to play with

  22. ykpjkpj said:

    Reality check — Two years ago he was better than the man of your dreams. (I always look at people’s posting history to get a better picture of their life.)

    Lots of good advice already given. One pot of money from which you pay everything. That’s marriage. What’s yours is his and what’s his is yours. It won’t work any other way.

  23. Lydia said:

    We’re married, and have one joint account. All money coming in goes into that account, and all bills needing payment go out of that account. It’s OUR money, and you should be doing the same. One of the perks of being married is shared money. Get your husband to do this.

  24. brianlongthick said:

    We only have one bank account in my house. And, we don’t keep score on who spends more money. We’re quite happy with the arrangement and try to be as frugal as we can.

    The only people I’ve known that keep accounts separate ended up fighting over stuff so much their divorced now. Since you are married you should consider putting everything together. It makes things far easier. If you want to budget out some personal money, than go for it. Example: every month hubby gets $x and wifey gets $x to spend as they like…assuming all the bills have gotten paid.

    Good luck. Don’t play games with your spouse or money. Money is the leading cause for fighting and divorce, so be smart about it.


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