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22 weeks pregnant and sore vagina?

I know this is TMI…but I can’t think of what could be causing this. It feels like the inside of my vagina is swollen and it hurts. I’ve called my midwife’s office and am waiting for her to call back.

Is this something normal? Or am I overreacting? My husband and I aren’t having any type of intercourse so I know it’s not sex related. It doesn’t itch either. Do you know what this could be? I just want to have some type of idea what this could be before my midwife calls back. Any ideas?

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2 Responses to “22 weeks pregnant and sore vagina?”

  1. hey what's going on? said:

    my guess it hurts from the pressure from the’s a guess. i would see and go by what your mid-wife says.

  2. Erin said:

    Your vagina is swollen from the extra blood flow that it gets when you are pregnant, perfectly normal.

    The pains are probably from your pelvic ligaments softening, again normal and nothing to worry about.


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