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2 am i pregnant??some one help and not be soo rude about it becuase im only 15..?

well i posted another ?? a few days ago.
but now i got all the dates straight..SO yeah i just turned 15 january 31St…..but yeah i don’t really know how all this pregnancy stuff goes SO yeah.My period is umm 6 days late!! i Tuck a prego test on the 6th but it came out negative..On december 4th i had unprotected sex and spotted on the 7th.and again on the 14th had unprotected sex..and january 4th spotted again for 2 or 3 dayz…and noww noo period.

whats going onn?? my friend say its possible i could be pregoo and im starting too worry cuz my breasts are KILLING meee!!!
ohhhh andd yesss yesss im mexican!!!

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14 Responses to “2 am i pregnant??some one help and not be soo rude about it becuase im only 15..?”

  1. Due April 19th w/ LIL Noah:) said :

    Its sounds like your pregnant. Take another test and go see your doctor!

  2. silverxeno said :

    PMS & pregnancy symptoms can be very similar. Do a search for planned parenthood in your area for some form of birth control, though, PLEASE!

    My boobs have always been tender during my period…and also during my pregnancies. So there’s no way to say that is definitely one thing or another.

  3. Meg said :

    get tested at the doctor. it is more accurate. dont have unprotected at your age hun, your too young for a baby. good luck.

  4. Morgan said :

    go to planned parrenthood. They are totally confedintial. Or wait 9 months and see if something comes out one day.

  5. Semper Fi said :

    go to the doctor and get a blood test done, if it comes back negitive then your not pregnant. If it comes back positive I would start to think about your options like an open adoption. try putting ice on your breasts, it works great for me, yea its cold but it numbs the pain, but you need to go to your ob/gyn tell your mom that you have been having really bad cramps in your pelvic area and you want to get checked out, if you dont want to tell your mom you think your knocked up. Good Luck

  6. unschoolymomma said :

    Well sure sounds like it if you had unprotected sex twice. You up your chances even more. You may just have to wait awhile for it to turn up. Go to one of those free pregnancy clinics and et them to take a test.

  7. Janis, Chad's wife said :

    Keep taking the tests. Your boobs could be hurting because you’re going to start.

  8. Tweety said :


    Dear I think you are pregnant as breast soreness is a definite Sign of pregnancy .
    You might feel other symptoms as well like mood swings and more hunger feelings

    Any way take a brak of one week and take another test ,

  9. Gypsy said :

    its highly likely you are pregnant hun because you did have un protected sex. but you should definitely a another test and then go to the docs regardless of the result also tell some one you trust or feel comfortable telling9 your mum or older sister or aunty or even your mates mum and let them help you!!!!!!!! … i know it can be very confusing at your age but that’swhy you are going to need some help and advice be prepared to get yelled at a discerning looks but you need help and support from people your trust hun
    Good luck.

  10. pink said :

    Theres a possibilty yes.

    You really need contraception hunny :P.

    Good luck 🙂 x x x x

  11. Baby09 said :

    You could be prego but if you took a test 6 days after your missed period then it should have tested positive. Your boobs if you are not prego could mean that your period is about to come on. Are you normally regular at 15? You could also be late if you are stressed and worrying about this too…my advise is to wait another week. If you dont have your period retest using a first response or clear blue easy tset because they are the most acurate…One thing that i have to say is if you are not prego girl it is time to start using protection or atleast get on birth control…You dont want to get anything at 15…Love yourself and treat your body right

  12. xknotxgracex said :

    Well it is a very real possibility that you could be pregnant, being you have had unprotected sex. I would try using your first morning pee. See if that makes a difference. If not wait two weeks and retest. The fact that your stressing could be delaying your period. It is normal, that and being 15 your period still could be irregular. Personally I didn’t start getting a regular period until I was 17, when it started occurring every month. Breast tenderness although is a symptom of pregnancy, it is common among women that are on there period, or is a sign that they are about to start there period.

    Anyways good luck, for your sake hopefully your not pregnant seeing as you just turned 15. If it turns out your not pregnant, take this scare as a lesson to build on and make sure you have protected sex to avoid these encounters. I was 19 when I found out I was pregnant and went through a similar process. The freak out doesn’t get any better with age. So be smart….save yourself.

  13. ozncj said :

    Sounds like you could be pregnant. You should take another test to confirm. Sore breasts can be from your period or pregnancy. Planned parenthood is a good place to start as the other girls mentioned. Your local county health department usually has programs to test for pregnancy and provide free birth control and they do not inform your parents it is confidential. It’s good you are keeping track of your dates that is so important. In the future you should always try to have protected sex for your sake and his because pregnancy is not the only thing you can get from having sex. There are some really nasty STD’s out there now and if you get one it can interfere with your fertility later in life when you are ready to be pregnant.

  14. mtyrgalo said :

    if you cannot handle having a child, why would you have unprotected sex? condoms are much cheaper than daycare, baby food, diapers, crib, sheets and blankets.
    based on your symptoms it is highly possible that you are pregnant.. well, you have about a whole 10 minutes to grow up and go to a doctor to get tested. (home tests may yield false negative – happened to me a couple of times)

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