sexy fun romantic night im planning with me boyfriend on valentines day?

on valentines day night i am getting a hotel for us
im going to make his favorite food, decorate the whole hotel room with candles and such.
hot bath, lapdance/strip tease (;
any other ideas for this night?

also, im going to go early, and i want it to be a surprise so how do i tell him to meet me there?
i dont want him to know the hotel is for him, so should i say i need to get pickedup from there?
and have him come in the room? i wanna put rose peddles and candles all over to 😛
help me out.

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3 Responses to “sexy fun romantic night im planning with me boyfriend on valentines day?”

  1. crissibear said:

    say a friend is staying in town for a few days and you need to go pick her up or you want him to meet her. or say its a guy and tell him you don’t want to go alone for a visit and tell him to come along. that way he will go in.

    wear sexy black lace thong and bra.

  2. o hai said:

    Thats just sick.. Dont you have any self respect? You disgust me.

  3. Loha said:

    dont say that be like oh im visiting my old friend who just flew in last night can u pick me up from there then we can go out then. then when he calls u and sayys ok im here, be like come up for a sec i want to introduce you guys she wants to meet you


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