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Is it romantic for a guy to suck your toes as a Valentines Day gift?

I trying to think of a good gift to request from my booh-thang…..
DJ: My toes aren’t cheesy, they’re clean and sexy for your information! And you’re just jealous because you cant suck them,hater.

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12 Responses to “Is it romantic for a guy to suck your toes as a Valentines Day gift?”

  1. Gina said:

    Yes, if you are Rex Ryan.

  2. Euro Prince said:


  3. dj PIERRE said:

    If that’s what gets you off than yeah go for it, ask him to suck on your chessy toes..

  4. Starr★ said:

    I don’t see it as romantic.

  5. BRICK CITY 4 LIFE! said:

    No sounds nasty to me.

  6. chatterbox m said:

    I dont know about romance but it sure sounds kinky! 😉

  7. Queeny said:

    to be honest
    i don’t want my man sucking anything that i know i wouldn’t’ suck
    because he will be kissing me
    that is gross

  8. Geeze a Drink. said:

    If that’s what you like then get him to suck away, haha.

  9. Nemesis said:

    if you like that kind of thing

  10. Nefarious said:

    Feet are a common fetish. I personally am not into it. I’m not interested in sucking, licking or kissing any feet nor do I want that done to me. If you’re curious about it, you can give it a try. Maybe you’d be into it, maybe you won’t.

  11. Lakhan K said:

    Your question as sexy as

  12. John Gordon said:

    As a guy, I would love giving that gift and my girl would enjoy the “foot play.”


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