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How come high school guys seem to only want hookups and not comitted relationships?

I know that boys are wired differently, etc. But any guys want to tell me why?

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7 Responses to “How come high school guys seem to only want hookups and not comitted relationships?”

  1. lost said:

    I’m a junior in high school and I’m not like that, I actually do want a committed relationship.

  2. Marina said:

    Teenagers aren’t capable of commitment, their brains aren’t fully developed yet and they need to get experience through trial and error. That is the reason. Just as many girls cannot commit at that age.

  3. manndoggie said:

    ARE YOU FOR REAL?? They are KIDS!! No guy wants a serious relationship when his who life is in front of him!! He wants the girl for a week, a weekend, or just a few hours!! And it doesn’t change until we reach 27, 30, somewhere in there – maybe!!

  4. Leslie Marie P said:

    Guys are just immature & as we all know they mature slower. They just want to have a good time and they don’t think about their future. Now, there are some out there who are not like that and they are more mature than others who want a relationship.

  5. Charisse said:

    I’m not a guy, but I know its because thay are immature.

  6. JJ said:

    well, see, hormones mess with guys heads… ALOT. it can be annoying, but not all high school guys are dicks like that. there are the few who actually want a committed relationship, like me 😀 haha. but yea, a lot of guys are just pervs, who’s only focus in life is sex, sad right? most guys that age are just immature, some come around, some don’t. you just have to find the right guy i guess. good luck

  7. Geyce D said:

    I’m not a guy but my best friends are guys. They do want committed relationships but not now. They think they’re all young and have their whole lives ahead of them. The typical image for High School is Fun fun fun, party fun school work THEN relationships. There are some that want real things though. Like mine =D They wanna be able to look back and see they weren’t tied up to one person. They wanna look back and be like… “Damn! did I have some fun or what!” By then, they’ll be matured and see those as their confused days lol. Its just how guys see. They focus on present not future


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