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Why do women get more responses than men on online dating sites?

I could never figure this out. I talk to some women and they say they get dozens and dozens of emails every day from men who are contacting them for the first time. But the guys say they don’t get any contacts from women. And I can say from experience that I have only very rarely gotten a first contact from women. So why don’t the women approach the men as much as the men approach them? Isn’t the modern world supposed to be different? Aren’t women supposed to be more forward? Why do the guys still have to always make the first move?

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4 Responses to “Why do women get more responses than men on online dating sites?”

  1. Moe said:

    Because a lot of girls who go on these sites just put their profile or whatever up and wait for someone to respond to them…most of the time the girls dont want to respond first!

  2. K A H said:

    Because there are more desperate men out there looking for women than women looking for men!!!!!

  3. supremyecy23 said:

    Because women have unrealistic standards online that they normally wouldnt have in real life. They either wait to see the “hottest” guy to write them and then they may respond, or if on a blue moon they write a message, its only to the hottest guy they can find. It seems like women look for the best she can get, and forgets to give a normal guy a chance. They are all stuck up online.

  4. mle said:

    I disagree. I have been on and off online dating for several years. I am a good looking woman and I do not get many emails. If I do get any they are from much younger men looking for sex. When I have sent out emails, out of 10 I might get 1 reply. I don’t know what it is, but online dating is rough.


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