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What’s the best cold and fever medicine for infants?

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6 Responses to “What’s the best cold and fever medicine for infants?”

  1. swtlee said :

    Tylenol is best for fever, in fact depending on the age of the infant it may be all you can safely use (NEVER use asprin in children!) As far as a cold remedy, it really depends on symptoms and you should call the pediatrician.

  2. JTSMOMMY40105 said :

    Honestly use tylenol for fever. We tried the Tylenol Cold Plus for infants and honestly it didn’t do anything other than make our son very hyper. The doctor said there is no proven facts that it will actually help. Just give them tylenol for the fever and saline drops for congestion. One Ped suggested the aspirator to keep the nose clean and the other said that you can just keep wiping it as the aspirator only makes them madder than heck. He was right. We stopped the aspirator for the most part and just used tylenol for the fever or irritability. We ended up fighting a cold for over 4 weeks due to teething, but we made it. Lots of fluids, rest, and saline drops will help you get through it. But if they get chest congestion or sound raspy I would take them to the doc.

  3. sappling22 said :

    i would say for fever reducer i always used motrin. however for a cold- when i though she needed a decongestant i always took her to the doctor till she was 2. i found out that the reason why most decongestant say under 2 consult a physican is because an infants heart rate is faster then an adults. the over the counter decongestants cause the heart to speed up. this could put stress on her heart.not till a baby turns 2 will his/her heart rate slows down and they are able to take the meds. my pediatritan always used zythromax.

  4. tricky_kitten said :

    When my daughter (2 years old) got a fever of 103.2, my doc told me to use childrens tylonol, and childrens motrin back and forth. that way you can overlap the meds and reduce the chance of the fever spikeing.

  5. mudonhistires said :

    I have always used tylenol… it helps to relieve fevers… and motrin for pain relief, just to make baby comfy.. for teething i aslways get these teething tablets from albertsons, they are totally natual, and they are awesome…. just remember that if the baby has a cold or virus theres not really anything you can do but help her to be comfy it has to pass on its own. and most of the time ear infections can clear up on there own with out antibiotics, but if youre ever in doubt call her doctor

  6. gabe_and_amanda said :

    Tylenol Plus (cold or cold and cough)worked great for my daughter. I use regular infants tylenol for fevers.


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