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What to write on a Valentines Day card for my sons preschool teacher?

This is my son’s first time in school and they are going to do a Valentine card exchange, but I also wanted to send one to his teacher. He is 3 years old, and I was just planning on having him write Happy Valentines Day and his name. I think that is a little plain so now I need some suggestions. Please help!

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4 Responses to “What to write on a Valentines Day card for my sons preschool teacher?”

  1. unavailable. said :

    try something like

    “happy valentines day, (insert teacher’s name)! You are a great teacher!”

  2. James S said :

    i would say just happy valentines day. and he can decorate it with hearts. i am a teacher and i am happy to even recieve a card

  3. M&Ms Mommy said :

    we just finished my preschoolers cards a couple hours ago
    on the teacher card we put,
    her name then “you make learning an adventure, happy valentines day”

  4. Dexter said :

    I’d Put:

    [Teacher’s Name], Thank you for being a great teacher with all your dedication, persistence, and patience. Have a love filled valentine’s day!

    Or Sumthin like that =]


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