What surprised you the most after becoming a parent?

I, like many people, have wondered and wondered what it will be like to become a parent. For you parents, what was the biggest surprise parenting threw at you? Was parenting what you expected it to be?

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20 Responses to “What surprised you the most after becoming a parent?”

  1. Alexandra said:

    In some instances it was easier than I thought…I found myself wondering how to take care of a baby, and by the time my son was a week old I felt really confident.

    In some cases it’s harder…like deciding what to do if this happens or that happens…like what do you do for a meltdown.

  2. MySideBoob said:

    Buy a billion diapers, gone in 2 weeks. Buy another billion, gone in 2 weeks.

    We’re up to 39 billion now. Ohh, make that 40.

  3. bailie28 said:

    the biggest surprise..i was adopted so i had these issues on love when my son was born..but he was and has always been my baby boy..he will soon be 17..when i got pregnant with my daughter i really had serious issues with whether i would be able to love her..she will soon be 12..i thought i didnt have room in my heart for another child..again it was the adoption thing..i took care of myself and prayed while pregnant that it would be ok..she was born and that child may not look like me at all..but she is mine… within five minutes of meeting her you know she came from me..it was all worry for nothing..i love them equally..and i tease them each and tell them i love so and so better..and then ask them together who i love more..they know they are the same..they finally figured out i tell them both the same thing..i always tell them i love you and hug them..and it doesnt get old..the mouths do at times..but its funny to watch them turn into people that have their own ideas and thoughts..the day he argued religion with me was the best..he had thoughts i didnt give him..but wouldnt back down from my arguements either..

  4. joeybowiesmom said:

    What suprised me the most was how much love I have for my son. And how much his love has changed me.

  5. Emily Dew said:

    Parenting was everything I thought it would be, because I thought long and hard about it before becoming a parent. I babysat a lot and talked to a lot of friends who were parents, so there really were no surprises for me. I guess the thing I was most unprepared for is how my whole view of the world changed. I see all the dangers now and I actually worry about things I never gave a thought to before. All world events are filtered through my parent glasses. That part of parenting I really don’t like. Life was much easier when all I had to worry about was myself. OTOH, it wasn’t as much fun either!

  6. Cara M said:

    Wow, a great question. Over the past 8 months since becoming a parent, there have been a few moments of clarity where I was struck with this idea just out of the blue about having a child and being a mom.

    As soon as the Dr. handed my baby to me I was instantly in love. and I thought to myself “I just can’t go back to work after this” I wanted to be with my baby every second and I still do.

    And the other thing was also pretty early on… I realized that for the next 18 years I am responsible for feeding, clothing and taking care of this person! WOW!! This baby relies on me for everything!! It’s a monumental task but one that every parent has to do.

    Every day I find something new to be thankful for and my baby is always changing. Every teeny tiny thing that happens is WONDERFUL and AMAZING and I want to tell everyone. Everything you do is magnified. And it all matters. I know I was ready to have a baby and I definitely wasn’t ready before now… but I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I didn’t have my baby. Parenthood is awesome.

  7. Dnaleri said:

    I don’t think it’s anything like I expected. My biggest shock is to watch them talk/act and speak just l to like me. It is very funny to see mini versions of myself walking around.

  8. daddyjohndeer said:

    Gagging on poopy diapers.

  9. onewilddaisy said:

    What suprised me was how instantaneous my love for my child was. It is overwhelming and uncontrollable. Its truly a blessing.

  10. Mandi said:

    The biggest surprise was realizing that I never knew what love, fear, worry, infatuation, etc. really meant until he came along. I had never wanted kids because I knew I was a selfish person and I was sure that I would not change for a child. Boy, was I wrong. I sacrifice everything I can to provide more for my baby boy.

    One of the hardest things that I never thought about before he was born is writing my will. We have to name someone as a guardian for him if anything were to happen to us. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.

  11. stormsstar said:

    I would say parenting was everything I expected it to be.
    I have 4 wonderful kids by choice and could not imagine life without them. sure it has its ups and downs but if you train them right they learn right from wrong. sure they go through lots of diapers but my kids have not cost me a fortune not with the big tax break.
    I knew I wanted to be a wife and mom at a very young age.
    and at 25 i met and married my hubby and 7 years later have 4 kids 2 boys and 2 girls . a perfect family and meybe someday when my youngest girl 8 months old is older we will add another.. meybe.. my husband wants another baby boy (-:

  12. ejc0782 said:

    My daughter is now three and a half, and I am expecting October 29th. I think the biggest shock I felt was when I realized how smart she was, as she started to talk, and how in tune she was to my emotions, from such a young age. They definately have a 6th sense about people, even when they are babies

  13. 219ynabla said:

    parenting is like a really hard job that has no pay other than the child love and respect,,
    with my daughter the biggest surprised came when she stuck a vitamin up her nose and mom was crying more than anything,,,
    once u see that little face from the minute it is born ,, there is nothing like the love you fee,

    i thought it would be like the tv families,, far from it,,
    but i would never give it up,,
    its a nice job with great rewards,,
    but u have to have the skills,,
    most woman can give birth but few are parents,

  14. Jennifer B said:

    Simply…I think being a parent of a baby is a piece of cake in comaprison to caring for an older child. Sure they get up ten times a night, are totally reliant upon you everything.. but they are also not mobile, can’t talk back, and don’t have their own calendar of places to be, homework to get done, etc.

    Overall, parenting is much tougher than I thought. It’s not just being a care-giver (and that’s a pretty huge job all by itself!). You’re also responsible for the way someone grows, what they think, the childhood memories they have.

    I am also much more understanding of my parents’ weaknesses now. I realize that you don’t become an all-knowing super-human as soon as you give birth. You’re still the same imperfect person you always were.

  15. DaniDane said:

    What surprised me the most after becoming a parent was the realization of the awsome amount of responsibility it really is. Before having children, I think most people see having children as being a cute, cudly, all round wholesome experience – you bring this cute cudly newborn home from the hospital, you feed it a bltle every now and then, change a few diapers, show it off, watch it grow, play with it, take it to school, watch plays they are in volunteer for class parties and then send them off to college after graduation day. Nope. Wrong. Reallity struck me like a brick wall the day my daughter was born. The reality is is that you are responsible for raising and teaching and nurturing a person. Within the first week I was thinking “What was I thinking” Up all hours of the night with a screaming fussy baby and all hours of the day too, the expense and cost, the loss of sleep, and then when they get older, it’s constantly trying to teach them right from wrong, teaching them how to talk, read, colors silly songs, having to discipline them when they need to be disciplined (that’s the hardest part for me), helping and teaching them every step of the way… You no longer have any “you” time. No more goign out with friends and sadly, most of your friends that don’t have kids don’t want to hang out with you anymore because they don’t understand the concept of having to find a babysitter and being home at a reasonable hour, nor do they like coming over for the evening because they can’t seem to comprehend the behavior patterns of a two year old… lol. But, it is the most wonderful most dear experience in the whole world and I love it, responsiblility or no… I wouldn’t give it up or trade it for anything… good question and good luck… you’ll love being a mommy… guaranteed!

  16. ♥Sarah ♥ said:

    When I first became a Mom it was actually much easier than I expected. It really came natural to me.

    I have been surprised by how funny my kids are, they really keep me laughing all the time.

    For me being a parent of a school aged child is much more difficult than a baby. When the time comes it is best to just enjoy every moment as it happens. Alot of first time parents including myself just can’t wait for them to walk, talk, crawl etc.. it is hard to really just focus on the moment when you are so excited.

  17. missourishol said:

    What suprised me was how much I love my children. I knew that I would love them..but love took on a whole other definition when they were born. The first time you hold them is something that any words no matter how poetic just don’t cut it. There are no words to describe how I feel about them.

    I also never realized how much my priorities and my life choices/wants/needs would change. Becoming a parent is so much more then doing dishes, diapers and night time feedings it’s about be responsible for their future, the earth, their environment, etc.

    There is nothing that I wouldn’t do for them..how does that song go..”Ain’t no mountain high enough”

  18. aplatel87 said:

    They consume every ounce of energy in you. Even if you are away from the baby, you constantly worry about them! Simple pleasures like an uninteerrupted shower or more than 7 hours of sleep become a distant memory….yet everyday is like living the best day of your life again.

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