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What should I write in my valentine’s day card for my boyfriend?

We’ve been dating for a couple months now, and there is so much I want to say but just don’t know how to put it. I want something that’s meaningful, not some poem or corny love quote.

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13 Responses to “What should I write in my valentine’s day card for my boyfriend?”

  1. crankyissues said :

    now that all depends on how old you are! we need more info~!

  2. Matthew said :

    Just tell him how you really feel about him. He will accept that.

  3. KLJ said :

    That should come from you. Not random people on the internet. Make it from your heart, something meaningfull.

  4. Katie said :

    write how you honestly feel about him. and use lots of inside jokes and fancy words.
    be sure to make it very personal and let it reflect your style, it’ll mean much more that way.
    make sure not to ramble or be too overbearing though.
    figure out the short, sweet way to say exactly what you mean.
    how i usually write things like this are you word vomit every single thought you have onto a piece of paper, then cross out things that dont grab your attention, you want every sentence to have a large significance and be well worded. also cross out things that are filler sentences, things that dont directly corralate to exactly what you’re trying to express.
    by the end of this process you should have a couple very meaningful sentences left, and they should do nicely in a valintines day card.
    hope this was helpful(:

  5. Nina May said :

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