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What kinds of activities do you do with 6 and 9 years old boys on a Rainy Saturday without spending any money?

I don’t want them to play video games and watch TV all day. I don’t want them to run around the house like wild monkeys either. They are not into quiet activities like crafts and drawing any more especially on Saturday. I don’t want to spend a lot of money taking them to Museums or Aquarium where we have already been before. We could play Domino for an hour but they’ll get bored after that.

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11 Responses to “What kinds of activities do you do with 6 and 9 years old boys on a Rainy Saturday without spending any money?”

  1. ☆★ Sarah ☆★Needs her points back said :

    They can play hide & seek. Its raining out, so have `em wear each other out by running around the house trying to find each other.

  2. ambisou said :

    you could make them a treasurwe hunter for them and then at the end of it give a lilttle surprise. If you want you could also go do a bike ride outside and buy them ice cream at the end.
    anyways any activities outside where they run would be a good idea also.
    good luck

  3. Roxanne said :

    I suggest a quite coloring in competition or a drawing contest for fun not something to serious, if that is not their thing try board games or old fashioned games like I spy ect…

  4. versantly said :

    it’s just rain -send them outside with umbrellas and/or raincoats!

  5. emmy said :

    you could play hot/cold. you take an object– it can be anything. a ball, a toy car, anything– but you hide it from the other person and give them 3 hints to where it is and they go find it, you sing John jacob jingle-heimer-shmidt. if they get closer you sing louder, if they are farther from the hidden object, sing softer.

  6. BraxOwl said :

    If you are willing to go out, take them to the library and/or bookstore and let them select some books. They could get books to read, or books with science experiments, or books that will teach them a new craft/hobby such as how to make paper airplanes, etc.

    We have several video game systems (Nintendo, Super Nintendo and Nintendo Wii). The only one hooked up is the Wii, and we save it for rainy days or family night. The Wii Sports offers a workout, and my children love it when their father and I play with them. Just put a time limit on it.

    Let them use blankets and bedsheets and make a tent/fort using your dining table and/or chairs.

    Have a picnic lunch on the floor. Spread out a blanket and eat. You can find some fun food ideas on the internet.

    Speaking of the internet, let them explore Google Earth. It is free to download, and my children love it. You can explore the Sun, Moon, etc. and you can explore Earth. We have zoomed in from space and found our home, the homes of friends and relatives and we have virtually visited the Eifel Tower, Statue of Liberty, Grand Canyon, White House, Niagara Falls, Disney World, etc. It is really interesting.

    World Book Encyclopedia is a good website they could explore-they could learn more about the places they visit on Google Earth, or they could learn all about their favorite animal, what happened on their birthdate throughout history, etc.

    If you have flour, salt, water and some cookie cutters, you could make some ornaments. We add a little cinnamon applesauce to ours to make them smell good, too. Do not forget to use a toothpick or coffee sstraw or a drinking straw to make a hole for the ribbon. After they are cool, they can paint them or color them with markers. You can hang these on the wall, Christmas tree, from your rear view mirror in your car-my children have even made some that they play with (delicately). They make excellent gifts!

    You could get them to clean their room(s), and help them rearrange the furniture-let them choose where the bed(s) go, etc. Perhaps they could find some toys to donate to charity or some things that they could sell at a yard sale (when it is not raining) and use the proceeds to buy some new things for their rooms.

    If you are thinking about going out, stop at the Pet Store if you think they can handle the responsibility of a pet. My 11 and 9 year olds have a turtle, hermit crabs and betta fish. The betta fish would be the least expensive, and they are very resiliant. Hermit crabs are very interesting to watch!

    I hope this helps, and I hope they have fun!

  7. ʎɐp ǝɔıu ɐ ǝʌɐɥ said :

    The biggest help for me are board games/cards.

    Here are some of my kids favorite board games:
    -Game of life
    -Cluedo (50 story)

    They’ll also play cards for hours.

    Sometimes I have them make special dinners with my help.

    Sometimes I purposely leave the car door open and they have fun pretending they’re spies or in a boat etc;

    They also make (or at least attempt) to make a movie.

    They make puppet shows.

    In my neighborhood there is lots of kids so when it rains someone usually invites all the kids over to play a game. Once they hd a scavenger hunt and another time they had a giant game of hide and seek.

    It’s also just nice to take them ou for a drive.

    Libraries are free 🙂

    Play blind-fold tag it’s fun and easy.

    Send them outside with an umbrella and tell them that the goal of the game is to come back dry. Personally I love taking walks while it’s raining mainly because it’s always hot where we live.

    Bake them a “special” treat, we have a plastic tent for camping so we put it outside and let them eat their treat there.

    Good Luck!

  8. Crusty Curmudgeon said :

    I thought I had a perfect solution for you until you said you didn’t want them running around the house like wild monkeys. Come on they’re 6 & 9 yo boys you can’t keep their natural energy bottled up that long! Drape sheets over chairs or other pieces of furniture and create tunnels for them to crawl though or hide in. Kids that age have wonderful imaginations. Invest in a Nerf basketball and hoop and place it on a low door. Unless it is to cold or stormy outside let them play in the rain. Most kids love to do that. If its warm enough put on their swim trunks and maybe a T-shirt. Just tell them they can’t keep running in and out of the house. And it’s OK to play the Dominoes or play a couple of video games or watch a couple of TV programs an hour is an hour. I don’t know what your position is on chores but they are old enough to spend some time cleaning/straighting their room(s). And they are still young enough for some quiet time either reading on their own or your reading to them. No offense but I can’t imagine how you would have survived where I grew up as it was always very cold and snowy.

  9. Danelle said :

    -Make playdough! Its fun and easy just google search playdough recipe.

    -Go puddle jumping. You will get a work out too. Have a contest to see who can jump in the biggest puddle or who can get the wettest!
    After, go redbox a movie ($1.00)and chill out with some popcorn!

  10. justannae said :

    Do you have a public library near by? Here in Akron, they show movies- for free. If your library doesn’t have a movie-time – instigate one.
    Your library may put out a newsletter with listings of local events.
    Are you urban or rural? or in between? How about horse-back riding, roller skating at a rink (Family Skate)? Cub Scouts? 4-H Club? Is there a high-school or college track nearby? Public Pool?

  11. Alec said :

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