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What is the best way to introduce yourself to a female without sounding corny or lame?

I’ve never had a problem with keeping a conversation or even keeping a female interested. When meeting someone online or on a phone chat line is not hard at all but if I’m somewhere in public and I see one that catch my eye is another. Females tend to think a guy is wack if he approaches them and his game not tight. Any suggestions?

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7 Responses to “What is the best way to introduce yourself to a female without sounding corny or lame?”

  1. miss_michelle76 said:

    i always preferred when there was no game plan. If you see she has a book you could use that to start a conversation for example. it also depends on where you are and who is around.

  2. thebigbadw0lfe said:

    Forget all the stupid pickup lines – they suck.

    Just say Hi and introduce yourself.


  3. You know you love me. said:

    do not show us in one bit that you are nervous or inecure..don’t be super cocky but have a little swag and be confident when a guys sure of themselves it makes us curious as to what it so great about them and we’re instantly interested

  4. italysoccerkid25 said:

    you just have to be confident. women love confidence. it will come with practice. it helps to think of stuff to say before you go and break the ice. ask her questions so she can talk and talk. listen to her answers so you can come up with new questions and comments and stuff. it takes lots of practice. good luck.

  5. Alexis B said:

    being yourself

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