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What is the best DVD or book that teaches toddlers about stranger danger?

I have an overly-friendly 3 year old that will hold hands with any stranger and talk their ear off. She often tells random people how much she loves and misses them. I love her outgoingness, but realize that I need to really instill the importance of Stranger Danger in her. Any suggestions on good DVDs or books that I can use as teaching tools? She seems to really grasp things that she learns via the TV well.

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4 Responses to “What is the best DVD or book that teaches toddlers about stranger danger?”

  1. Ethel said:

    And fear little from strangers, fear those in her life – family and friends. She has poor boundaries for whatever reason, probably because someone hasn’t mirrored appropriate interactions with strangers, but children are hurt by those they know 98% of the time, not strangers.

  2. stargirl796 said:

    this is the movie we used in the preschool I used to work at the teach about stanger danger/safety. It was rated the top stranger safety movie in my state:

  3. KP said:

    The Safe Side: Stranger Danger.
    This DVD is fun and not scary for children.

  4. Olory said:

    the one stargirl said is the one by John walsh (america’s most wanted). i showed it to my daughter and she is afraid of strangers now.


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