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What are good middle names for these names?

I am expecting and my husband and I are debating about names. We don’t know if it’s a girl or a boy yet so we’ve picked out 2 of each. We’ve thought of these:

Elizabeth Ann “Lizzie”
Mason Grey
Anthony Isaac
Blakely Elaine

Our last name is Abernathy.

Any comments or other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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7 Responses to “What are good middle names for these names?”

  1. Audrianna C said :

    I like Elizabeth Ann, Mason Grey to me sounds like a first and a last name. I would go with Mason Tyler or Mason Joseph. I like Anthony and Isaac but not together something like Anthony Jacub would be good. I like Blakely Elaine.

  2. ♫ ℓıvı ♥ said :

    I love all of your names!
    Mason and Elizabeth are my favorites!
    Elisabeth Victoria
    Mason Parker
    Anthony Ryan
    Blakely Rose

  3. Beautiful Blonde Girl said :

    I love the names you chose and middle names as well. And freaky enough, my middle name is Elaine. 🙂
    For the name Abernathy since it is a long and rare name I would choose Rose for the middle name. Abernathy Rose. It is sooo pretty and very different! I wish you luck on names, and congrats!!

  4. The Farmer's Wife said :

    I like Elizabeth Ann and Anthony Isaac

  5. rojak_7 said :

    1a) ann, marie, abernathy

    1b) lisa, elaine, abernathy

    2a) david, judah, abernathy

    2b) daniel, isaac, abernathy

    jesus loves you.

  6. Roe said :

    Sounds like you already have the middle names.
    Mason Grey sounds like a color of cement.
    Instead of Lizzie for Elizabeth why don’t you call her Beth much prettier , Lizzie sounds like an old hag.
    Anthony Issac is a good name. Blakeley is a nice name but not with Elaine.

  7. Natalie said :

    I like all of those names. My favorites are Blakely Elaine and Mason Grey.


    Elizabeth Ann Marie
    Blakely Elaine Anna
    Elizabeth Emma
    Elizabeth Minerva
    Elizabeth Margaret
    Elizabeth Ida
    Elizabeth Alice
    Sarah Elizabeth
    Clara Ann
    Ella Ann
    Cora Ann
    Martha Ann
    Laura Ann
    Ann Nell
    Ann Grace
    Ann Caren
    Blakely Maude
    Blakely Mabel
    Blakely Bess
    Jennifer Blakely
    Gertrude Elaine
    Julia Elaine
    Elaine Harriet
    Edith Madeleine
    Rose Catherine

    Mason Grey Thomas
    Anthony Isaac Henry
    Anthony Isaac Robert
    Mason Edward
    Mason Harold
    Walter Mason
    Arthur Mason
    Frederick Mason
    Albert Mason
    Samuel Grey
    Grey David
    Grey Louis
    Grey Joseph
    Anthony Charles
    Anthony Clarence
    Richard Anthony
    Andrew Isaac
    Isaac Daniel
    Ernest William
    Jesse Oscar
    Lewis Peter
    Benjamin Frederick
    William Alfred


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