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my husband told me that we wanted to be with me to have a family but then turned around and said I made him?

marry me. What should I do? He says he is there out of obligation. We have a five year son together and have been married for six months.

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10 Responses to “my husband told me that we wanted to be with me to have a family but then turned around and said I made him?”

  1. I Slap Frogs said:

    Oh crap, not again.

  2. Yummy Mummy said:

    what do you want me to do?
    I have enough on my plate!

  3. Ron said:

    Did you put a gun to his head? No one can make anyone do anything they do not want to. Point him to the door if he is not happy with you, or better yet… if he does not fit through the door, show him to the garage door…

  4. Always Learning said:

    maybe that’s how he feels?

  5. Queen of Beer said:

    Well, just divorce him.

  6. Dear Jane... said:

    I think EVERY guy says this at some point. Because none of them ever really wanna get married so they can continue to screw whoever tehy want without and legal trouble. Pretend you will Leave him and then see if he says “but I really wanted to stay married”…

  7. Ride On said:

    Lots of women demand or manipulate a guy to marry them, some even get knocked up and successfully coerce him to marry her.

    Nothing new here dear.

  8. stephanie_6234 said:

    what do you think you can do? His thoughts and feelings about it are what they are….nothing you can do about them. I dont see how You could have MADE him marry you unless you held a shot gun to his head….his saying that he was forced is a sign that he has some resentment about being married to you, but the choice was his and he has noone to blame but himself. he needs to grow up and accept his choices.

  9. Yummy Mummy said:

    Tell him where the door is, and not to forget to send the child support every month.

    His son is better off without a useless jerk-off like that for a father.

  10. Liz said:

    nobody made him do anything- he is being a baby- get down to the root issue and see if you can’t work it out.


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