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Is there a way to have seperate resolutions for each user account?

I do a lot of work on my grandparents’ computer and I like having a high resolution but they don’t. Is there a way I can have different resolutions for each user account?

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3 Responses to “Is there a way to have seperate resolutions for each user account?”

  1. Steve P said :

    Maybe, I have to sign off to test. Each user’s setting are stored in a profile. Perhaps the Control Panel Display setting can be profile dependent. Give it a try. Set it the way you want it. Then have the other user sign on and see if the reso is set your way. If so then change it to their preference. Then sign on as you and see if it remembers how you liked it.

  2. radsystemzjason said :

    Unless there is some type of administrative lock on the resolution controls, each user account in XP Home/Pro and Vista (also Windows 2000 and Millenium if I remember correctly) should keep whatever resolution you set it at. If it doesn’t, try uninstalling the video drivers and reinstalling the latest video drivers for your video chipset under an Administrator account. I have seen instances where the resolution would reset itself every time a user account was logged into, and it almost always happened with Intel Graphics adapters with the incorrect version driver installed, and almost always on Dells.


  3. tails5 said :

    Operating systems Windows XP and above store the information in the user profile, meaning user specific resolutions, below store it in C:WINDOWS meaning system-wide resolutions. If your grandparents have Windows XP or Windows Vista, you’re in luck.


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