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How old are preemies usually when they come home?

My auntie just had twins 11 weeks early and they only weigh 1.3 kg 2.5 pounds they’re in mini cribs but the doctors have said the outlook is good but when will they come home?

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6 Responses to “How old are preemies usually when they come home?”

  1. MissyDoo said :

    I always thought that they stayed at the hospital untill they would have been the full 9 months. So if a baby was born 3 months early then they would stay in the hospital for 3 months or at least untill they were stable. Babies that are born premature have some complications so i think as long as they are healthy and stable they can come home.

  2. ~*BB*~ said :

    I was born 8 weeks early and I came home shortly after I was born, within days I believe. It depends on the condition of the babies.

  3. Bambi said :

    It’s not really based on age. It’s more so weight and if their organs are stable enough to leave the hospital.

  4. Daniel's Mommy said :

    In most places I have heard, the babies have to weigh 5 pounds or very close to it before they are allowed to go home. Good luck

  5. RomAnne said :

    My best friend gave birth to a preemie last year, her daughter was born 2.4 pounds. The hospital let the baby go home when her weight increased to 4.2 pounds and after having several laboratory tests. I’ve heard from a lot of my colleagues that this is almost always the case.

  6. nmyankee said :

    The main concern with such young babies is their lungs are often not developed enough so they are at risk for respiratory difficulties if brought home too early. The hospitals I’m familiar with won’t discharge them until all organs are functioning normally and they’ve attained a weight of 5 pounds. My ‘guess’ is they won’t be coming home for about 6 or 7 weeks.
    This is a very difficult time for your aunt so, if possible, try to spend some extra time with her at home, go to the hospital with her when you can and buy some cute ‘Cheer’ and ‘Thinking of You’ note-cards to send every few days, to be sure she and her husband know you’re thinking of them and the babies.
    A friend of mine was exactly 6 months pregnant when her son was born in 47 years ago – he weighed 3 pounds and she was able to bring him home 5 weeks later.


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