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How often does your family have a home cooked meal, have fast food, and eat at a restaurant?

My family has a home cooked meal most of the time. We eat at a restaurant usually once a week. We try to have fast food as little as possible, so we only usually have those during long car trips. What about you?

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39 Responses to “How often does your family have a home cooked meal, have fast food, and eat at a restaurant?”

  1. nikkibabaaay! said:

    usually my family haz a home cooked meal
    we never eat fast food
    and we go to restraunts sometimez, but not that often :]

  2. trying to conceive a little girl said:

    i make dinner just about every night of the week. friday is payday for my husband, and we usually go out to eat at a restaurant that night or saturday night. the only time we get fast food is if we are out all day running errands. i will get the kids chicken nugget kids meals but instead of the french fries i get them mandarin oranges or the apple sticks, this way they are getting something healthy out of it!

  3. Newly Married! said:

    Just about every night is homecooked meals.
    Fast food is when we are on the go.
    Restaurants are when we have the money to treat or don’t feel like cooking.

  4. Sandra G said:

    Home cooked meal almost every night. Eat out about once a month, long car trips are very occasional, like once or twice a year. (I have all babies)

  5. Karla K said:

    We have a home-cooked meal every night, with the very rare occasion eating at a restaurant.
    We never eat fast food. Unless you count subway, we’ll eat at subway or bring stuff with us if we are travelling.

  6. Needs suggestions said:

    Well my family just consists of me and my husband right now but we try to cook for ourselves all the time. We go out for a dinner date once a month but we end up eatting out maybe 2 twice a week. Its hard to make a good meal for just 2 people when you have clashing work schedules.

  7. Ariamay said:

    We make a menu every sunday for the coming week and cook 6 out of 7 days during the week. Our daughter has dance class on Friday night, so that is our evening for pizza or chinese or some other form of take out. We also will go to breakfast on Saturday morning.

    It’s cheaper, and it’s healthier for ya.

  8. appygirl said:

    restaurant twice a month
    fast food when in a hurry, just something to tide over till get home.

  9. Jodi said:

    We eat at home almost all the time. I try to make healthy organic meals so it’s hard to find places that can offer the same nutrition. We eat out maybe a couple of times a month and at fast food places once in a blue moon as a special treat.

  10. kissesxoxo8882 said:

    we have home cooked meals 6 days a week and only eat out on sundays and sometime the not even and as for fast food only sub-way no fat and that’s only when i don’t have time to cook or sit down for a meal at a restaurant

  11. MommyOfTwo said:

    Not a “cook from scratch” type too often, but we usually eat at home. We eat out at a restaurant about 2-3 times a month and rarely if ever have fast food.

  12. *smile* said:

    Breakfast and lunch are barely ever fast food or out to eat.

    Dinner, I would say 5 times a week we do home cooked- 2 times a week we eat Subway. Every 2 weeks or so they get some Wendy’s nuggets. We go out to eat breakfast or dinner about every 2 weeks, too.

    Edit: Our home cooked meals aren’t from scratch or anything unless my husband cooks. He’s an awesome cook. Tonight for example I made Chicken casseroll which took about 30 minutes then 20 to bake. I made myself a vegetarian version on the side. Mostly, the kids eat things like shrimp and salad and rolls or baked chicken, veggies with cheese and pasta. Simple stuff but healthy.

  13. Due March 4, 2009! said:

    I don’t live at home anymore but me and my boyfriend go to my parents about every night for a home cooked meal, my moms trying to fatten me up since I’m pregnant. We hardly ever have fast food now. And we all, his family and mine, go out to a restaurant every Sunday. We’re trying to be family oriented for when the baby gets here.

  14. babyshainee said:

    We usually have cooked meals…but enough for leftovers…say my mom cooked monday…we have enough until wed. she cooks again thurs. BUT WE HATED LEFTOVERS!! we went out to eat on Friday, Sat. or Sun…it was either fast food or eat at a restaurant….

  15. Jesse... said:

    we eat home cooked meals mostly
    chinese restaurant every saturday night
    fast food – um whenever there is nothing else to eat, when i have been working all day, when the kids have done something good to deserve it and every friday night the two oldest have it because they go to a thing called AWANA and its at night and maccas is just down the road.

  16. ILY Amber Louise! Its me Beth... said:

    Well for one, its just me and my mom. IM 13 btw, Anyway, since its only us, we never cook at home. If we do its microwavable stuff eaten right out of the container. like frozen goods. I wish we would have home cooked meals, but our kitchen is litterly 3 feet wide with our appliaces and countertops. We have fastfood about everyday. We have been cutting back now. Im 13 and i weigh 130 pounds. Im skinny as everybody says but yeah.

  17. ann_20 said:

    i cook just about all week except on Fridays (Hubby and i get a babysitter and go on a “date”) and maybe on Sunday nights we will get something and bring it home.

  18. MathBioMajor said:

    My wife and I don’t have any children at home (my step-son is 34), so are pretty much free spirits when it comes to dining in or out . I usually do the cooking here at home when we eat in, usually 3 or 4 times per week. Sometimes I just cook something store bought. Other times I get creative and drag out the slow cooker, Dutch Oven, or casserole dish to make a soup, a casserole, or something else really delicious. I especially like pasta and rice dishes. That’s because I enjoy cooking and have more training and time on my hands than my wife. But we often eat out as well. Sometimes 3-4 times per week. However, we seldom go to a fast food joint, and when we do, we often order a salad, rather than junk food. We also have lunch out together at least twice per week during the work week. We prefer places like Applebee’s, Black-Eye Pea, Purdy’s, Jason’s Deli, IHOP, Atlanta Bread Company, Corner Bakery, Spring Creek Barbecue or other restaurants which serve decent food at relatively modest prices. We particularly like IHOP because we are at an age where they consider us senior citizens even though neither of us have officially retired. IHOP offers senior citizens a free meal with the purchase of another of greater or equal value during their Early Bird Special every day between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. We have literally saved ourselves hundreds of dollars per year by taking advantage of their offer. By the time we actually do retire, we will have saved enough money to take a Caribbean cruise or a trip to see all the major cities in Europe.

  19. Meagan C said:

    We eat at a restaurant about once a month.
    We have fast food only when we’re on the run, like on a trip or something. Unless we’re ordering pizza, which we do about once a month.
    We make dinner a lot of the time. Things like pasta, or meat and veggies.

  20. (angry) Gay Guy...back again! said:

    My family eats at home nearly all the time. There are 4 of us, my mom (53), my dad (50), my sister (19), and me (17). My sister is 400 miles away at college, and my dad leaves for work at 4 PM and gets back at 2 AM, so it’s just my mom and I for dinner at night. We cook our own meals nearly all the time, and rarely eat fast food. We go out every Saturday night that my dad isn’t working (about once a month). He was working tonight and I was exhausted (big football game last night, we won, and the team partied until 3 AM) and so was my mom, so we just did Subway.

  21. ♥ KiKi's momma ♥ said:

    we have home cooked meals almost every nights some times we eat at a restaurant. fast foods aren’t very often may be like once at most 2 times a month. we eat at my moms often to she loves having us over for dinner so she can see my daughter.

  22. ashendari said:

    I cook about two or three times a week. Once a week I have a “eat cereal, frozen meal, or the husband/Daddy heats up something” day. The other days are leftovers – I like cooking a chicken then making a pot pie with the leftovers the next day and the like.
    My husband and I met on the 8th of Nov. so on or around the 8th of every month we all go out to eat somewhere. Having that scheduled restaurant visit helps us to resist going the rest of the month. It’s not so bad when you think “just 9 more days until Chilis” and it’s GREAT on our budget. It’s not that we couldn’t afford going out, it’s that we did the math on how much we spent when we went more often and realized that we were throwing money away on things that I could cook for a fraction of the price! We want to retire early and well 🙂
    Fast food is a once-in-a-long-while, craving-induced venture. Usually reserved for car trips for us too!
    We do make a point of sitting down for the meals together, no matter how simple, reheated or fancy the dinner is.

  23. Verity said:

    I’d say we’re the same.

    We eat at the restaurant down the street most Friday nights, and fast food is reserved for very occasional trips. Our home cooked meals are far from fancy, but they are healthy.

    As for lunches? My son takes a packed lunch every day – there’s no other option for him – but my husband and I aren’t quite as diligent. He eats out probably two days/week and I usually eat out once.

    Once upon a time, we did the exact opposite. We’re healthier, have more money in our pockets and are far happier and less stressed out this way.

  24. Mom of 10 kids said:

    Well i have 10 kids so as you can imagine i dont go out much so fast food and home cooked is all we have and we are out alot and when we are on the way to Stores or Parks someitmes i get 5 burgers and the kids share but i am a very organic person and i dont let my kids eat grease and gross stuff so usually we have home cooked meals

  25. Kelly --- Mom of 3 said:

    We have a home cooked meal 6 times a week. Usually on Friday or Saturday we will go to a restaurant for dinner. We occasionally go to fast food places for a quick meal, but not more than once or twice a week.

  26. ஜ♥Melanie ღ B♥ஜ said:

    4-5 nights home cooked
    restaurant about once every 2 weeks
    fast food once a week or maybe twice if we have the money

  27. Raffy said:

    Home cooked meal at least 5 times a week. Mostly Dinner, Breakfast are usually during the weekends. We eat out at a Restaurant at least once a week, only if we are in the budget to. Fast Food usually are only when we are traveling out of town and it’s about once a month.

  28. babybuddha said:

    We have a home cooked meal most nights, thursday or friday night we have dinner at a restaurant or a nice pub and we have fast food occasionally, maybe once a month but it’s usually subway and we have KFC maybe twice a year oh and the occasional sausage sizzle at my hubby’s work. Oh and every other weekend we go to my In Laws.

  29. Kara A said:

    We have a home cooked meal like 99% of the time and when we eat out it is at restaurants and usually only for a special occasion like a B-day or something. And that is like 3 times a year so not very often at all.

  30. jia said:

    We don’t ever eat at a restaurant and the only times we have fast food is if we are driving for a long time(over 3 hours), but even then we try to pack a lunch. We are vegetarians so it is usually just easier to cook our own meals.

  31. Jazzy said:

    my family always eat fast food, and no we are not fat!!!!

  32. Vegas Girl said:

    On a typical week, I cook Saturday-Thursday. Friday Night is the only night we either eat out or order in. Fast food is very very rare, only when we are in a big hurry or my son has a super early baseball game

  33. CANDY L said:

    In my house hold we don’t really eat fast food
    we eat a home cook meal every day.its more healthy

  34. # 6 BEAN ON BOARD said:

    We do a weekly menu and Friday night is take out night… but we will get pizza or chinese or fish and chips – not McDonalds.

    We quite often swap take out night for going out to a restaurant but we have 5 kids and are pregnant with number 6 so it is always a little hard to co-ordinate so many of us going out to dinner.

    If we do go out we will go somewhere that has meals… like steak and veg. or chicken parma etc.

  35. prncessang228 said:

    we have a home cooked meal pretty much every night. my fiance and I only get my 3 girls part-time (thurday nights one week then Thurs-Mon the next) so we’ll occasionally go out once a month to eat w/his sister and her husband. i love to cook and try new recipes and having the kids help me teaches them to eat healthy.

    the only time i’ll get the kids fast food is when we’ve been running errands all day long and they are hungry but it’s usually subway or chicken nuggets,apple slices,and milk from mcdonald’s.

  36. I love my 3 boys! said:

    we have home cooked meals 95% of the time. We only eat at a restaurant every few months and fast food is maybe once a month

  37. Jo187 said:

    A single mum of a 2 year old boy – we never go to restaurants, we probably have take away once a week. Our home cooked meals are not usually made from scratch though eg. frozen vegs etc. (My toddler is going through a fussy stage and its just too frustrating to cook meals from scratch with fresh food only to throw it out) : )

  38. Lydia said:

    Every evening a home cooked meal. Take out maybe once every two weeks. Can’t remember the last time I was at a restaurant, lol!

  39. harry_200456 said:

    Usually homecooked but just 1 every 2-3 weeks we go fast food like taco bell…


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