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How can I ask this girl i really like to be my girlfriend? How should I say it?

I’ve been hanging out with this girl for a month now. We both REALLY like each other & I now realize she’s been waiting for me to ask her. How should I do it? AND what should SAY? Please include dialogue[=

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7 Responses to “How can I ask this girl i really like to be my girlfriend? How should I say it?”

  1. Michael said:

    “(insert name here), baby, honey, I REALLY like you, I think about you ALL the time, and I really want you to be my girlfriend, waddaya say?” and smile

  2. Ove said:

    if shes been waiting for you to say it, it doesnt really matter that much, does it? 😛

    just ask her if she wants to take the next step with you or something 😛

  3. Claire Friel said:

    Text Her & Say,
    ii Like You, & You Like Me Rite.?
    & Im Not Seeing Any One & Neither Are You, So Would You Ever Want 2 Be My Girlfriend At Some Stage.?

  4. building_charles said:

    You don’t have to. Just get in a good situation to kiss her. If she’s really into you, then it should be a piece of cake. Just go on a mini-date and let things flow.

  5. swiZZle said:

    you: hey, i really like you and i was wondering if you want to go out with me sometime
    her: yeah that would be great!

    **but make sure you do it in person, girls LOVE guys with confidence. it’s really that simple since you know you two like eachother and she probably won’t say no.

  6. angel4u said:

    Well I would compliment her first, on what ever you like about her lie her eyes/cuteness/you like the way she has a great sense of humur etc, after she replies, look into her eyes, pause then say you would like to go out with her, and get to know her better as she is a nice person.
    Not that hard really if she already likes you.

  7. Sweep said:

    Well, since you both know how you feel about each other, the hardest part if over.
    Take her to a park, Find a nice place to sit together and be yourself. Of coarse your going to be nervous, just because it’s a big step, but you definitely don’t have to worry about her rejecting you. She’s going to be over the moon, after all she has been waiting for you!
    I won’t give you a dialogue, because you don’t want it to be like your memorizing a script for a play. My advice to just let it escape you naturally. Hold her hand..and simply ask her, if she would like to be your girl. Ahhhh…love, I wish the guy that I’ve been hanging out with for a month would ask me the same thing as your about to ask the girl that’s in your life. Good luck to you both. Take Care 🙂


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