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Would a package of prunes be considered an appropriate gift for Valentines Day?

My sister gave my mom a package of prunes for Valentines Day. Am I missing something?

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16 Responses to “Would a package of prunes be considered an appropriate gift for Valentines Day?”

  1. David R said:

    Its a Great gift if Mom is a little backed up! haha

  2. La France me manque. said:

    If you are elderly.

  3. Dakota. said:

    Well it shows she was thinking about her.

  4. zwartschaap said:

    it might be more appropriate for your grandma

  5. Kaitlyn said:

    Um depends on age…

  6. Sweet Judy said:

    Well prunes are a nice treat, especially the lemon zest ones, that are individually packaged!

  7. milfy925 said:

    does your mommy have a prune fetish? Or is she on a diet? Or backed up? Maybe your sister doesn’t like your mom? She should save them and give them back to your sister for Easter.

  8. Alexis Darling said:

    It’s just your sisters way of saying she loves your mom and wants her to stay regular….

  9. ilovemessage said:

    it’s a good gift if your mom loves prunes, I myself like chocolate…but we are all different,

  10. Doodles said:

    no way.

  11. Susie QZ said:

    LOL, are your eyes brown? Maybe she thinks you’re constipated?

  12. dizz said:

    Ahhh Tater
    She wants your Mama , Ummmmmm
    Regular . lol
    Is your mom NOT normal .?lol
    D 🙂

  13. poppy1 said:

    Hi Tater,
    Well, if Mom is all clogged up,she will have a blast with eating those prunes..Just don’t trip her on the way to the bathroom..
    Your Friend,

  14. Betsy C said:

    Only if your sister thinks your mom is “full of it”.

  15. Rhiannon Lost at Sea said:

    well I guess if Mom got some good use out of them…….

  16. daisy said:

    Maybe she knows something that you don’t, like what you are getting in your chocolate chip cookies!!
    < you how siblings can be > 🙂


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