What’s the whole idea of new years resolutions? Is it a religious thing?

I mean, who came up with it? It’s not that much different than lent, where you are meant to give something up and keep to it for so long. With new years resolutions, its doing something and keeping to it. Seeing as lent is a purely religious thing, what i want to know is: did the idea of new years resolutions come from religion?

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11 Responses to “What’s the whole idea of new years resolutions? Is it a religious thing?”

  1. jackson said:

    No, it refers to the end of the old year and start of the new year. A fresh start so to speak.

  2. ZombLover said:

    no, just to make the new year more exciting, and something to try for

  3. Shub Niggurath said:

    Not really religious.

    It’s superstition. With a new year comes a new start, thus you make a resolution to clear something bad out of your life to begin a new one.

  4. A Person said:

    you get a fresh start and a resolution pretty much is telling yourself how you’re going to do what you want to do with your fresh start.

  5. Tali said:

    New years resolutions are something that you want to accomplish in the new year. I think its personal not really religious. Its not giving anything up its like making goal for yourself

  6. NONYA said:

    its fairly dumb, but its like a starting point for people that cant get started. A new year! a new plan! Resolutions COULD be religious, but resolution does not have religious implications by definition. check its entomology, IDK about that.

  7. goodluckwithhat said:

    How do some of you come up with this stuff? No, it’s not religious. People tend to want to make changes and look for a kinda of deadline to begin the changes. The beginning of a New Year is a perfect deadline to start them just as the “first of the week” is as well. It’s got nothing at all to do with religion unless you want it to.

  8. It's That Guy said:

    Lent is a matter of self-discipline, giving something up, like fasting. A New Year’s resolution is different, it’s the intention of making a permanent change in your life, like stopping smoking, going on a diet, whatever.

    New Years is traditionally seen as a good time for this, a new ‘period’ of time, and after all the excesses of the holidays, when you are getting your head back into the routine, going back to work, etc. It’s a good time to think “Okay, I had all the fun of the holidays, now I’m going to go on that diet, start exercising, make it a point to call my mom more often,” etc. It isn’t directly religious, part of any particular religious doctrine, but it’s religious in a way, considering how we humans think that some times are for having fun but other times are for putting on the brakes, regaining control.

  9. Robbie said:

    No it’s a fresh start and a chance to improve yourself.. I don’t believe it is or ever has been religiously motivated.

    I can’t stand it.. for the next three weeks my gym is going to be full of fat losers.

  10. depressed&unstable said:

    Its not a religous thing but a traditional thing. & its an optional thing. Its not for those who don’t see any hope to prosper entering the new year.

  11. Demetrio said:

    No it’s just setting new goals for the new year. Kind of a new beginning.


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