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What’s nice valentines gift to give a girl you see.?

I always drop packages twice a week on my route as a ups driver & she has a nice smile. She’s a very sweet girl.
Chocolate & roses. :o) I’ll look for the chocolate roses. What places have them?

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6 Responses to “What’s nice valentines gift to give a girl you see.?”

  1. Lucy B said:

    that is the most kick a.s.s job ever btw.

    but get her like those little necco sweetheart candies, no matter the age, they are always cute

    do mine?

  2. Kate said:

    simple box of chocolate. a nice one though, not a drug store one ya know? a rose or flower is kind of personal, if you like her like that…

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  4. shai said:

    kinder surprise

  5. The Nocturnal Ninja said:

    Homemade Chocolate flowers, color varied roses(each represents something meaningful so choose wisely), Heart Candies, anything that is sweet and thoughtful. Red roses are very meaningful to girls, but anything nice, meaningful, and appropriate should be good.:) Oh don’t forget to include a sweet message.

  6. ^o^_MeuMeu_Valentine_!0v3R said:

    how old are you and how old is the girl????? give her a box of chocolates or a large boquet of roses that are red, pink, or white


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