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Whats a good valentines gift for my girlfriend?

i want to give a gift to my girlfriend for valentines day and i want it to be special. im only in 7th grade so it cant b like dinner or a show or something. i can only spend lik 20-30 bucks. any suggestions?

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14 Responses to “Whats a good valentines gift for my girlfriend?”

  1. Princess ♥ said:

    Flowers and a teddy bear ♥

  2. Anonymous said:

    Get her personalized M&ms! You can put words and/or pictures on them, starting at I think $15 for a 7oz package. It’s a little pricey, but it’s definetly worth it! And they’ll come in about 4 days, so they’ll be here in time for Valentines Day!

  3. Mia Nicole said:

    Trust me, the way to almost EVERY girl’s heart is through CHOCOLATE! haha but seriously, get her some chocolate 🙂 and some type of flower (roses are REALLY expensive, so a carnation might be best).

  4. Mike F said:

    Try the classic, Flowers, Chocolates, etc.

  5. bring CJ the horizon. said:

    i will promise you.
    if you get her some chocolates and a cute teddy bear, she’ll be the happiest girl in the world :]

  6. GForce said:

    I’m in 6th grade, so I think I can help you. I would go with a teddy bear, chocolate in a heart shaped box, and maybe some music (CD) she likes wrapped in a red bow. If she has iTunes, and iPod, or iPhone, you can always get her an iTunes gift card or send her an e-gift certificate. Good luck! 🙂 Happy Valentines Day!

  7. Just Shannon. said:

    A BIIIIIG teddy bear

  8. Teddybearcub said:

    Constant kindness, affection, caring, giving, love, help, gentleness, understanding, listening, etc. written on a self-made card with the cuddliest Teddy Bear (with big feet) on the planet

  9. Canadian E said:

    $10 bunch of Flowers with a $20 loaded Video rental card or one of those Valentine teddy bears holding onto a heart and get one of those small heart box chocolate boxes and tuck it in the bears arms 😉

  10. [email protected] said:

    teddy bear or valentine stuffed animal of her favorite kind of animal, flowers, candy, her favorite kind… i really dont like chocolate so chocolates not for every girl

    it would be a day early but you should try to send flowers or a flower to her in class it could be part of her gift… idk i’v always wanted someoen to do that to me.. but now im outta school so its to late

    if you can you can set up a picnic for you guys to eat together at a park

  11. asRaluljdjo said:
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