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whats a cute, kinda dirty saying to put on the inside of a homemade valentines card for my boyfriend?

I am mailing my boyfriend a homemade valentines card, he is in iraq, and I wanted to put something cute and funny, maybe dirty on the inside. so if i could get some ideas that would be great.

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13 Responses to “whats a cute, kinda dirty saying to put on the inside of a homemade valentines card for my boyfriend?”

  1. Chris said:

    Tell him: “Don’t pick up the soap. I’ll do that ;]”

  2. Motor 19 said:

    I think “I am proud of you” would be great!

  3. thewaytogoforfun said:

    I’m not sure but please include our thanks from the people here in the US who send our best wishes for your boyfriend and all the other troops over there fighting so we can enjoy the freedoms that we have.

  4. Ryan S said:

    Happy Valentines Day! Wanna F#*K!!

  5. Cinders said:

    Im my boyfriend’s card, I’m putting ‘Happy Valentines day. Keep it hot’ though i like the person above’s post

  6. hockey13 said:

    Roses are red, your balls are blue, when I get to see you again, I’ll turn your warhead purple, and you can empty your gun. Sorry,not a poet here, but it gets the point across.

  7. Brandon M. said:

    roses are red
    violets are blue
    get back from iraq so i can f-uck you.

  8. x0x0_crazee_x0x0 said:

    “You couldn’t be any sexier if you were chocolate-coated… which gives me an idea. ;)”
    “Everytime I see you, I want to see moree of you”
    “I love the things you do to me. Can you do them again?”
    “Doing anything special? How about me?”
    “I need you. I want you. I have to have you. Tonight would be nice.”
    I know it’s sort of corny, but use it if you think it’s cute. =)
    <33 Spread love

  9. adorabull_deb said:

    If I were …..
    And you were …..
    We would…………

    let him fill in the blanks in his mind any way he wants

  10. Sid B said:

    There are 3 billion men in the world.

    I picked you.

    PS: Thank Him for serving for me. I’m retired Canadian Armed Forces. ( Infantry Officier) We have a very small Army so Afganistan is straining us to the limit on top of Peace Keeping. I understand why he is there and honestly appreciate it. I also admire you for waiting for him.

  11. John said:

    “I found this white glue to make this card from the bedroom ;-)”

  12. Lencia S said:

    I’m not sure if this is entirely appropriate but how about:

    If a hot woman comes into your room while your sleeping and tries to kidnap u, don’t worry; I know what u want to do [pervert]…just kidding…it’s because I told her I wanted you for valentines Day:-)

    You can take out the I know what u want to do [pervert] thing to make it more sweet!

  13. ~Lost N' Love~ said:

    On front of card: Roses are red and sometimes there thorny when Im not with you I’m always…
    Inside of card: Corny, Shame on you i knew what you were thinking!
    Hope this helps and happy v-day!


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