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what would be a good valentines day gift?

I want to get my girlfriend something for valentines day. i was thinking of getting her some perfume from victorias secret. i absolutly hate that store, so i want to spend as little time in there as possible. also, i hope this doesnt sound cheap, but im looking to spend 30 to 35 dollars. my dad wont let me spend anymore. which is crap. but yeah, what perfume would you recomend?

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6 Responses to “what would be a good valentines day gift?”

  1. vikkivikkivikkivikki said:

    Because I too dislike that store, I would instead suggest this: Go to Bath and Body Works and check out a few of their more natural fragrances such as Butterfly Flower, Black Raspberry Vanilla, or Japanese Cherry Blossom. They’re almost always having some sort of sale. Pick a body spray and the matching lotion in whatever sizes you can buy for $20. With the remaining $10 or $15, go get a box of Valentines chocolate or cute earrings or bracelet or lip gloss.

  2. woahh said:


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  4. ♥♥ said:

    i think u could get some ideas from these youtube vids:

  5. Joanne A. said:

    Orange Blossoms perfume smells so good.

    The very top perfume is Channel #5. You can get a purse size spray atomizer.

  6. Ashton Stephens said:

    Hi ,

    I have been with my girl for a few months now and I want to show her my love by getting her something really special for Valentine’s Day.

    I want to give her something different than just a card, chocolate or flowers as eveyone does that.

    I have never been good with coming up ideas until one of my buddys gave me a link to an ebook which has some brilliant gift ideas.

    Since getting it as it is free there are many gift ideas which I will be presenting to my girl on Valentines Day.

    This is going to be so special.

    If you guys have not got it sorted check the link in the resource box below and share it with your buddies so that we can all have that really Special romantiv Valentine’s Day.

    Happy Valentines.


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