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What to say to get your ex girlfriend back?

I want to know what i should say to my ex girlfriend to get her back i love her so much but she dumped me and i wan tto get her back but i dont know what to say

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10 Responses to “What to say to get your ex girlfriend back?”

  1. LoveAlways said:

    The best revenge is a life well lived
    Why would you want to make yourself look like a dick?

  2. ur mama said:

    tell her you made a mistake and you changed

  3. Beaty said:

    if she dumped u, just let it go….but if u really want her back, try 2 talk 2 her and ask her y she dumped u? maybe say sorry??

  4. David F said:

    Maybe its time to move on. If she dumped you she probably doesnt love you anymore. If thats really impossible, then just confront her and tell her about your feelings.

    Answer mine:;_ylt=AvZc0Ad7WR_WwkvsheN1bGXsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20081126171046AAiqXFc

  5. Brendon E said:

    lol @ u……Fail

  6. BlackRose said:

    It Depends on what you did if you cheated then there is probably no hope for you. But if she dumped out of the blue just ask her why she dumped you and try to change if you can.

  7. WalkingBuddha said:

    I don’t think there’s a ‘magical’ sentence(s) to say because there are so many different scenarios to individual relationships.

    I think you need to look at the reason why things ended and start from there. Kinda like “fix” it before you even think about the two of you getting back together. Also, words can only do so much so it’s also the actions from you that may re-spark her feeling for you.

    Hope this helps as I only had so much info from what you had asked.

    I wish you well

  8. Katie said:

    I’m not really an expert on this subject…

    But I did find a very helpful site for yah…

    That article will tell you what to say to get your ex girlfriend back.

    Hope it helps and good luck!

    -Katie : )

  9. SANDRA D said:

    well first u have to recognize wat u have done wrong for her to dump u? try to change, let her know that u have change show her that u still care about her…

  10. Lucinda R said:

    First of all, how long has it been since she dumped you? If it hasn’t been very long….you need to give it some time before you make contact with her again. Give it at least a month.

    Next, after time has passed just call her up and ask her out for lunch or a drink, something very casual. Take her out and just have some fun. Don’t get into a heavy discussion and don’t beg her to take you back. Just let her see how much fun you two can have.

    Don’t make another date with her unless she brings it up. You can call her again in a couple of weeks with an idea for something fun to do like go to a concert or amusement park.

    The idea here is to ease back into her life slowly with no pressure.

    There are many more methods that can help you get your ex back and I have a web site that offers some great resources that can help you.

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