What time friday night should I go out shopping for valentines day..?

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5 Responses to “What time friday night should I go out shopping for valentines day..?”

  1. wrfine said:


  2. raynestar3 said:

    midnight. that way you can get her gas station flowers and a road map. maybe even one of those cute little bear pins, awww

    one of my wonderful exes actually did this for me, minus the road map. he was a keeper.

  3. *~Ms. Kitty~* said:

    Oooohhh – don’t go that NIGHT!! Wait until in the morning – the sales will be SO much better. No better time to shop for Holiday stuff than to hit Walgreens or CVS pharmacies the day OF the holiday. Tremendous markdowns & great selection!!! LOL

    Unless of course, you are buying ME something – in which cas I say “Get a move one!! Times a’wastin!!!!” ;~)

  4. Dom the trend setter said:

    Wait till Sunday when the sales are on for 50% off.
    Then tell everyone you follow the Julian Calendar its 14 days behind our calendar.



  5. ☆ Saz ☆ said:

    About 11am Saturday morning…
    All the flowers and cards will be cheaper…
    Better still send an e.card instead.


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