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What song should i play to get my ex girlfriend back?

Ok so i need a song that i can get my ex girlfriend back, i need a song that will say that i need a second chance or something like that. Thanks.

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4 Responses to “What song should i play to get my ex girlfriend back?”

  1. Kaylyn said:

    you should play ”One Time” by Justin Bieber or you could play
    ”Whatcha Say” by Jason Derulo.

  2. Mia said:

    Stolen by Dashboard Confessional, You and Me by Lifehouse, or For You I will (Confidence) by Teddy Geiger

    Hope it works!

  3. Jazmin said:

    Since I’m a girl I suggest Beautiful by Akon or Lonely by Akon or Sorry,Blame It on Me by Akon or With You by Chris Brown you know something nice and sweet.

  4. RBackballa13 said:

    Crawl/Forever/With You- Chris Brown
    Kiss From A Rose- Seal
    Heat of the Moment- Asia
    Something You Forgot- Lil’ Wayne *this is a really good one for second chances*


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